Admission Office updates virtual tours

By Rebecca Osowski 1851 Staff

The Arnow Campus Center featured in the virtual walking tour.
Photo by Rebecca Osowski.

As COVID-19’s effect has continued through the summer, high schoolers have been missing out on campus tours. Since this is an important step for students in choosing where to pursue their higher education, the Admission and Marketing teams decided it was time to add thorough, virtual tours to the website to give students the opportunity to see campus without stepping on it.

There has been an interactive map on the website for three years, but Senior Assistant Director of Admission Emily Stanley and head of the visitor experience on campus, knew it was time to add more options for potential enrollees. 

Stanley said, “It’s kind of always been a dream of mine to have a lot more online content. There just wasn’t really the time to do it, until we were thrust into it.” Stanley and the rest of the Admission and Marketing team went full force into adding more virtual options.

A walking tour and guided walking tour were added to the website as virtual options. These options are easy to access, located in a blue tab on the top right corner of the website. These new tour options allow not only those affected by COVID-19 to tour the campus, but those that live a great distance away to visit campus without having to travel. 

The walking tour, according to Director of Admission Yavuz Kiremit, is, “someone with a camera, in fast motion, going through campus.” This option briefly stops at places around campus, walking students through them, however gives no information on these places. While this addition was helpful, the team wanted to add something more robust to the website, giving prospective students a better look at what the campus has to offer.

Therefore, they created the guided tour; a videotaped tour narrated by a student that allowed families to get detailed descriptions of different parts of campus. This option shows inside dorm rooms and the Arnow Campus Center and provides extra information about laundry, meal plans, class locations and much more. Kiremit described this addition as “a decent alternative” for those families that wanted to tour campus but could not due to the impacts of COVID-19. 

The addition of these tours can also assist students committed to Lasell in familiarizing them with campus before moving in. Stanley says students are “doing their research on our website before coming to campus,” which makes them more comfortable and excited to be on campus for the first time.

According to the Admission Office, the tours are designed to give students and their families access to resources that are important in making the complicated decision regarding higher education, as well as providing, “a sense of what our campus community is like, and what the campus feel is like,” said Kiremit.

The addition of virtual tours have become a viable option for students around the country, and the world, to get an accurate representation of what this campus has to offer.

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