After 9 years, Hilary Turner bids Lasers goodbye

By Meghan Carroll – News Editor

Hilary Turner poses for a picture during Lasell’s “Media Day.”
Photo courtesy of Lasell Athletics

Hilary Turner was hired to be an athletic trainer at Lasell in 2011. Graduating from Bridgewater State University, she earned Athletic Training Student of the Year upon graduation. At Lasell, she mainly worked with the men’s basketball team and the softball team.

“I have been in need of change for a while now,” said Turner. “I had been keeping my eye out for jobs for the past few years and nothing seemed to be a good fit. This has been a difficult year for everyone and 2020 really made me think about where I am currently, and where I want to be.”

She emphasized the importance of prioritizing yourself and doing what makes you happy. “I am guilty of always putting others before myself and this year, in particular, has shown me that I need to put myself first and focus on my goals and that it’s okay to be selfish in that respect,” said Turner.

She is highly respected by staff and student-athletes, as Director of Athletics Kristy Walter was also sad to see her go. “Her athletes had a lot of faith and confidence in her…The teams that she worked with, I know that she supported them both physically and mentally. She took really good care of her athletes on and off of the court…Her clinical skills are great and the intangibles that she did with the team and the coaches, I know people appreciated that.”

Turner has picked up a new gig as an athletic trainer at South Shore Orthopedics in Hingham, Mass. She sees patients daily and has been training in the durable medical equipment (DME) room learning how to cast. “Casting is a lot like taping so I have been enjoying it and it’s going well. It’s been great that I already have bracing experience. Just today I was able to jump in and help when the DME room was getting backed up and fit a patient for a walking boot and crutches, I was in my element.”

South Shore Orthopedics utilizes athletics trainers along with Medical Assistants because they have extensive orthopedic knowledge and can dive deep into a patient’s history to help get to the root of an injury. “The switch from athletics to the orthopedic clinic isn’t a career change, it’s a setting change,” said Turner.

It is clear Turner will be missed among student-athletes. “It was extremely difficult not being able to see all my athletes before I left…I feel that each athlete deserved to hear it from me instead of through other people, it was difficult for me not to be able to speak to everyone. I think I shocked a few of them but I wanted them all to know that leaving was a good thing for me and that it was a hard decision to make.”

When asked if there was one thing she could tell her athletes, she said, “always follow your instincts and go with what you think is right.” She finished by saying, “please always do your clearance paperwork by August 1.”

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