Bingo goes v-i-r-t-u-a-l

By Kyla Dodge-Goshea1851 Staff

On September 25 the Campus Activities Board hosted a virtual bingo night through Zoom.

The next Bingo night was held October 17, and the event was presented as a COVID-friendly alternative to the traditional Family, Friends and Alumni weekend. The link for virtual bingo was available on Laser Involvement, class pages and Campus Activities Board (CAB) Instagram for students to RSVP.

Abby Loynd is Vice President of Play to Win and hosted virtual bingo this fall.

The FFAW virtual bingo invitation was sent through email for everyone’s accessibility. CAB has been very versatile and inclusive with their events, especially Bingo. Most everyone on or off Lasell’s campus loves CAB’s bingo, hence why they decided to adapt it to a virtual event.

Online bingo allows for students who are online for the semes- ter to still feel engaged with the community.

“With virtual bingo, we try to include online and in-person students. So we always have those prizes, just online…if a student wants [it] to be shipped…we can just ship it straight to their house,” said the President of Campus Activities Board junior Maggie Clukey.

“We also wanted there to be an option for people if they still didn’t feel safe going out in person. Even though they are on campus, we still wanted to give them an option to still go and participate in events, but there’ll be an online option for people who don’t feel safe in person. And then also just having that online option for the people who actually are online,” said Clukey.

Clukey mentioned it has been difficult to transfer from in-person to virtual but they eventually got the hang of it. They have done a few virtual bingos with the first one being held in April as an end of the semester bingo. Bingo has been the most popular activity on campus so the transition from in-person to online took some time.

“With everything that happened, we just had to end the school year with a bang,” said Clukey. “I feel like in-person, it’s more fun to actually call up the numbers and be like, talking to actual people and getting to take their picture. Whereas now it’s more of just calling numbers and like whoever wins, we contact them. So it’s a lot less of like, person-to-person contact,” Clukey added.

Clukey added CAB’s prizes are targeted towards college students, including Keurigs, TVs, bundles and fridges. They had a fall dorm bundle available for the bingo held in September. “In the past we have had ticket options, but because of COVID restrictions we can’t do as many tickets for events like sports games or concerts, but those are also some other prizes we would typically offer,’’ Clukey said.

Winners of virtual bingo were contacted through the private chat by the host in order to get their email, phone number and name. “Our advisor from CAB would reach out to you and let you know these are your prizes, this is what you won and where would you like us to ship it to,” Clukey said. All in all virtual bingo has been a fun activity for the Lasell community during these strange times.

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