BLACKPINK “The Album” is in your area

By Audrey Abbate1851 Staff

One of the biggest girl groups in the world has been breaking barriers in the industry and COVID-19 is not slowing them down. With clever verses and a mix of genres, BLACKPINK does what they do best which is incorporating various genres into their fun K-pop tracks.

We’ve seen the group grow from their debut in 2016 and are finally releasing more content for this year.

On October 2, their latest release and first LP simply titled “THE ALBUM” has eight tracks.

Helping the group appeal to the Western market, this album included collaborations with American artists like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Cardi B. I value the bridge between the cultures and languages that’s created by BLACKPINK; I think that’s why the Blinks are a more international fanbase. BLACKPINK’s popularity has introduced many non-K-pop fans to the genre. This album knows how to prove just that.

Keeping me on my toes, I would say I like almost all of the tracks but here’s my top six picks: First, “How You Like That” is a dance synth trap record that you might have heard on TikTok.

Second, “Ice Cream” is a catchy tune that includes trap elements with a sweet aesthetic.

Next, “Pretty Savage” is a hip hop track that talks about being pretty but still tough. I was surprised to hear english swears on this track.

I like “Lovesick Girls.” It’s an upbeat pop anthem with EDM elements and great rap verses from Jennie and Lisa.

Then, “Love To Hate Me” has a bunch of cool harmonies and talks about an on-again-off-again relationship. I wish the track was longer though.

“Crazy Over You” is a mix. This one is unique and fun because of the sound effects. This album shows how the girl’s sass and confidence helps them stand out from other Kpop idols.

BLACKPINK’s production team is amazing as well. As a whole, the girls do a great job expressing their individuality and talent on each track. We learn a lot more about their per- sonalities and capabilities in this album.

I also recommend watching their live performances and music videos to see their awesome choreography and style. You can also learn more about Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé, and Jennie through their Netflix series. Their success this tough year shows that BLACKPINK is unstoppable and is getting started.

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