Doc Emerick retires, leaving legacy

By Josh Wolmer1851 Staff

Doc sitting inside the garden taking the scenery in.
Photo by Josh Wolmer.

Last month the voice of hockey, Doc Emerick, called it a career leaving a legacy behind that can never be matched. His voice was heard for many generations. His impact on Lasell students, as hockey fans, was imminent. Many recall him calling Sidney Crosby’s golden goal in Vancouver back in 2010, TJ Oshie’s shootout heroics in Russia and him calling the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup victory when they beat the president trophy-winning, Vancouver Canucks. 

Chicago Blackhawks fan and Lasell Women’s Lacrosse player Jordan McComb expresses her admiration for Emerick. From a young age Mccomb would watch hockey games and listen to the exciting commentary with her father. “Listening to the pure excitement and love for the game is what I loved so much about Doc. He always had so much emotion behind his words about the games and the players,” says Mccomb. 

McComb went on to say how Emerick made games fun to watch. He made them fun for everyone, whether you were a diehard fan, the casual fan, or a new fan of the game. ”I don’t even know what watching hockey games will be like without hearing his voice,” said McComb. 

Future broadcaster and junior Matt Motyka says Emerick has shown him what it means to be a broadcaster. “He has shown me to dig even further into a team’s history or a player’s history. He’s taught me to have fun with the job, sit back and relax, and to trust myself and my training,” says Motyka. 

Motyka says that it was because of Emerick that he’s a fan of the sport, rather than just the Boston Bruins. Doc was the guy who was always on call for Wednesday Night Rivalry, which was the biggest game of the week. Emerick made games more enjoyable. 

Emerick is a voice that touched the lives of McComb, Motyka, and many more. He brought a unique style to hockey commentary and inspired others. His voice will be remembered. Thank you Doc. 

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