Fall Career Readiness Symposium preview

By Meghan CarrollNews Editor

On Tuesday, December 8, Lasell will be hosting its second virtual Connected Learning Symposium. The campus-wide event will take place over Zoom and feature the academic creativity of many students.

Symposium was first introduced 18 years ago as a way for students to show their development and growth, showcasing what they learned during the semester. Students present individually or within groups. There are powerpoints, panels, discussions, and many visual aspects, such as artwork. Students are able to further elaborate or display the work they did over the course of the semester.

Although the format is a little different this year, Professor Nancy Waldron still believes it is a fundamental part of Lasell’s Connected Learning experience. “Despite the fact that everything has changed, the Connected Learning Symposium is a constant for both students and faculty. Additionally, it is important to demonstrate that even though things are different, we can still engage in a meaningful sharing of student work even if virtual.”

Waldron participates every year with her students, believes the turn out may be better through a virtual platform. “I think that the virtual symposium will be beneficial as students and faculty may be likely to attend more events given that there is no travel from event-to-event…”

Symposium will begin with opening remarks by President Alexander. The presentations will be live via Zoom throughout the day with a special lunchtime broadcast of LCTV. Students can participate in a Scavenger Hunt with the chance to win one of three, $200 gift cards.

Since the spring of 2002, the Connected Learning Symposium has been a crucial part of what Lasell is all about and with careful planning, 2020 will be no different.

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