Give us a chance inside Valentine

By Ruth KehindeDigital Editor

The grill at Valentine Dining Hall at the end of the dinner rush.
Photo by Mike Maruk.

Due to COVID-19, throughout this fall semester, a lot has changed. These changes include twice-a-week testing, hybrid classes, wearing of masks, and restrictions on individuals going into residential rooms other than their own. Moreover, it affected how the dining services are handled as students aren’t allowed to dine in the Valentine Dining Hall.

Students are able to dine in various tents made for social distancing purposes. As the weather gets colder, some students don’t have the urge to sit outside and enjoy their meals with their friends, though the only way to truly interact is in common room spaces or outside.

In a student-wide email sent on Nov. 19 on the behalf of Director of Health Services Richard Arnold by Dean of Student Affairs David J. Hennessey, Arnold was congratulating Lasers on their persistence in doing their part keeping up with the precautions and guidelines.

If Lasers are able to do this now, allowing them to dine in the dining hall wouldn’t change that. It’ll be a push for a return of normalcy. If we were to allow this, students would already be able to continue taking those safety measures as they’ve always had. Chartwells would have to design their own protocols to create safe spaces for not only the students and faculty and staff but for their employees.

Although obtaining a zero-risk environment isn’t possible as of right now, eating with friends adds on to the college experience. How is that experience supposed to increase if students aren’t given the chance to enhance it?

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