Lasell Zooms in on mental, emotional health

By Emma Ingenohl – 1851 Staff

Yoga participants showing their CoVerified apps before the start of practice on Monday,
November 16.

Photo by Emma Ingenohl.

It is more important now than ever to be mentally, emotionally and physically well and keep tabs on overall well-being. Being Well @ Lasell is a new program created by the counseling center that features events and activities surrounding well-being. 

According to clinical counselor Adela Hrudy, the initiative behind this movement is to foster a culture of health and wellness on campus. Twice a month, a newsletter from the counseling center is sent out featuring a new calendar with activities and information on how to attend. Because of the ongoing pandemic and the many different avenues which students are choosing to study at Lasell this semester, there are both virtual and in-person events happening. These events range from yoga to one-on-one nutrition coaching, making the program attractive to all individuals. 

One of the events featured in November was an election reflection via Zoom. The event had four parts stretched throughout the period of the election. Clinical counselors Joanna Garcia and Nasya Smith hosted the first meeting via Zoom on November 4. The hour-long presentation focused on staying grounded amidst uncertainty and unrest as well as creating balance and boundaries in everyday practices that can keep one’s mind and body in check. 

Garcia and Smith took time to begin the event by having everyone on the Zoom introduce themselves to one another and then laid down some ground rules regarding respect and confidentiality. After, they dove into how to recognize election stress and methods that can be used to endure it, such as creating a plan for your day that includes some negotiable and non-negotiable activities and a sweet message to yourself. They suggest you make this plan appealing and realistic with self-compassion in mind. 

The event closed with a check-in and a reminder of the next reflection on November 18. For students struggling to create boundaries in their life either with family or friends regarding politics, or are just dealing with the stress of this high-stake election, this event was an important and relevant one.

Students looking for a bit more movement in their life might enjoy yoga with health educator and clinical counselor Hruby in de Witt. This is an in-person event that runs from 4:15 p.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays and requires registration via the portal. Each class has ten slots in order to keep up social distancing efforts and upon arrival, participants must show they are cleared on their CoVerified app making it an extremely safe event. 

Hruby plays upbeat, feel-good music to set the tone and the headspace before diving into a full-body warmup. She recognizes that not everyone present has taken a yoga class before, and often offers alternatives to certain poses and positions that are less challenging and at times more challenging for more advanced members as well. She talks the group through each movement, constantly reminding everyone to breathe deeply. The practice ends with savasana–the resting pose in which the group takes a moment for mediation and to gather their thoughts.

According to Hruby, the goal of this program is to assist students on this new journey. She acknowledges for many students, this is their first time out of their family homes. She affirms, “You have to start making a lot of decisions around your health, around what you eat, around how much you exercise […]. A lot of that decision-making is really new for a lot of people.” She goes on to mention another goal of the program, exposing students to new things saying, “Maybe you’ve always wondered about meditation but have no clue about it. The point is, let us help. Let us give you some options.”

Hruby encourages students to reach out to the counseling center with questions, concerns or for one-on-one help with any area of wellness and well-being. Being well at Lasell or anywhere else is an achievable objective and one that no one has to go through alone. Check out one of the many events happening on campus or via Zoom by following @wellatlasell on Instagram or Twitter.

To make an appointment with the counseling center call 617-243-218 or email

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