Sahbabii- Barnacles

By Ghiz Benzerdjeb1851 Staff

Released on all platforms on July 8 “Barnacles” immediately lifted my spirits with beats and lyrics to carry myself through the second half of 2020. Based in Atlanta, the 23-year-old Pisces Sahbabii is honest about his upbringing, proud and protective of his family, and expresses his personality, friendships, oppositions and sexuality in ways that I have never heard from a rapper. He is romantic, he’s motivated and very cheeky in his language. You can not help but laugh at his references to Disney World, Rick and Morty, Anime, and much more.

I find his wordplay to be interesting and his choice of beats to be out of this world. When promoting Barnacles, he mentions time and time again how the album was for his fans and the amount of love he pours into music is felt by all who listen to him.

My first suggestion for a very motivating and empowering song is the second track in the album, “Ready to Eat.” For a more romantic and passionate song that is still boppalicious, “Purple Umbrella” is a great place to start.

Like a fine wine, he is an acquired artist. But, once you start, you can never stop.

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