The Boston you don’t know

By Ghiz Benzerdjeb & Rebecca Osowski- 1851 Staff

Outside of Cabot’s Ice Cream and Restaurant on Washington St in Newton on a dark night.
Photo by Mike Maruk.

Everyone has their favorite spots in Boston, from spending time around Fenway Park to having a great Italian meal in the North End. Despite the well known attractions, Boston and its surrounding areas have so much more to offer.

Caffe Vittoria: 296 Hanover St, Boston

First, we have Cafe Vittoria. Right next door to Mike’s Pastry, this small Italian cafe could be taken right out of Italy. It serves a variety of pastries and coffees that will cure any craving. On top of the excellent customer service, vintage decorations and delicious pastries, Cafe Vittoria offers reasonable prices, perfect for a sweet treat all day, and can beat the tourist trap next door any day.

Cabot’s Ice Cream & Restaurant: 743 Washington St, Newtonville

Have you ever wanted to drink a frappe out of a pitcher? Cabot’s Ice Cream & Restaurant, right down the road on Washington St., is the place to do it. With a large food menu and even larger ice cream menu, there is certainly something for everyone. Make sure you are hungry though, the sundaes are so big they could be your meal. Cabot’s is a great place to grab some ice cream with your friends. The food, dessert and staff are sure to brighten your day.

Corey Hill Park: 180 Corey Rd, Brighton

As the colder months approach, Corey Hill Park is a good place to keep in mind for the warmer days. Corey Hill Park in Brookline is a great place for a picnic or study session away from campus. Corey Hill Park is in a quiet residential area with stunning views of the Boston skyline all within walking distance of three T stops. While you are there, make sure to stop at some of the great restaurants and cafes close by.

Santarpio’s Pizza: 111 Chelsea St, East Boston

Forget everything you have heard about Regina’s Pizzeria and head to the original Santarpio’s Pizza in East Boston established in 1903. The original location is still up and running and like most old school restaurants throughout Boston, it’s cash only. The menu consists of pizza, meat skewers, and vino, known famously for their thin, crispy (semi-burnt) crust, homemade Italian sausage and lamb skewers. My suggestion is to buy a grand pie with a side of lamb skewers. You can also order it on DoorDash, if that is something you are more comfortable doing.

lbc Boutique & Loan: 260 Elm St, Somerville

Last thing on our list, if you are looking to do some shopping, or even pawning, is lbc Boutique & Loan in Davis Square. From Tiffany Co. to Louis Vuiton (for the low), sports collectibles such as baseballs signed by Big Papi and other bits of valuables from vintage to modern, they have it all. The prices vary greatly here and you are able to find something awesome for all kinds of budgets. You never know what you will find here at LBC and honestly it’s worth going just to see what they may have in store. They also provide layaway options for everything in store, besides Louis Vuitton. I think this is the perfect broke-college-student-in-the-midst-of-a-pandemic way to treat yourself.

There are so many more hidden gems all around the Greater Boston area. Keep your eye out for them and step out of your comfort zone, you may just find your new favorite place.

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