1851 is not vegan friendly

By Julia Ricco – 1851 Contributor

Being vegan is not an easy lifestyle, and this campus doesn’t make it much better.

Over the past few months, I have been experiencing severe Gastrointestinal (GI) issues. I have had blood work done, invasive examinations, and even X-Rays and trips to the emergency room due to extreme discomfort and chest pains. The only thing that has helped me so far is cutting out meat and dairy from my diet, something I started over winter break.

I’ve only been back on campus for about 4 weeks and I am already struggling to find things to eat. I live in North Hall, so 1851 is the most convenient place on campus for me to find food. However, they offer little to no options I am able to eat.

After analyzing their menu on the Boost Mobile app, I found the only things offered that I can eat are french fries, salads, chips, onion rings and a bagel. In addition, there are only two items that I can add tofu on and one of them isn’t even vegan.

I believe 1851 needs to update their menu and improve on their food options. The dining hall is able to serve things like vegan chicken nuggets, plant based burger patties and offer many more items with tofu. Now, I do understand that 1851 isn’t meant to have as many options as the dining hall. However, there are many people on this campus who have a similar diet as me and only have one option for an actual meal at 1851.

Since the dining hall is able to serve vegan options, why can’t they also serve them at 1851? I understand that these plant based options are probably more expensive than the alternative and more traditional options. However, if it means students with limited diets can eat a substantial meal at both food options on campus, I don’t see why 1851 would not do it.

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