Ashnikko’s “Demidevil” creates a new religion

By Ruth KehindeDigital Editor

Graphic by Ruth Kehinde

Women’s empowerment has become the new normal having various female artists promote their sense of self-worth to assist in helping women find power within themselves.  This is portrayed in American artist, Ashnikko’s, newest album, “Demidevil,” released on January 15. This 10 song album joins her discography with a heavy emphasis on feminism. 

Out of the 10, here are my top four. 

This album starts off with “Daisy.” Daisy highlights Ashnikko taking the roles men are effortlessly given. In an interview with Genius, Ashnikko explains how each song is created around a character. This character, Daisy, is described as someone, “who wears exclusively latex, blue diamonds, and glass platforms with an aquarium in the heel … she throat punches rapists and horrible people.” 

Some stand out lyrics are, “I’m not a princess, I’m a king” and “I’m terrifying.” By identifying herself as such, she’s breaking out of the status quo and becoming the one who’s dominant. To a certain extent, Ashnikko is Daisy; hence her being someone “who wears… an aquarium in the heel” comment. Presumably, this corresponds to Ashnikko being a Pisces, which is a water sign within the zodiac, portrayed as a fish.

 “Slumber Party” featuring Princess Nokia describes Ashnikko taking someone’s girlfriend. This provides a 180 degree point of view, as men are usually seen as the girlfriend takers.  This shines light on the innovation of being capable of doing the same things as men. Ashnikko sings, “hide your back, she likes to stab them.” This verse portrays the aspect of karma. Like how Ashnikko’s girlfriend left her previous partner, she left Ashnikko for someone else.

It can be assumed this relationship is reflected in the track “Good While it Lasted.” This song reminisces a past relationship. This song portrays the pros and cons of what Ashnikko experienced with this girl while focusing on the bittersweetness of their ending. 

Although Ashnikko is a “demidevil” for taking on the roles of men, she still has a softer side that’s portrayed in the track “Cry.” Ashnikko depicts herself as a strong woman not only for her to be inspired by but also for her listeners to unleash their dominance. Ashnikko’s tenderness comes out and gives a glimpse of her imperfections behind the fame. 

Demidevil illustrates escaping societal standards. The portrayal of hustling like a man is the drive that created the horns to hold up Ashnikko’s halo. Ashnikko develops her own definition of being a woman which corresponds with seeing only herself as a pleasure seeker.

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