Beware, love is in the air

By Ghiz Benzerdjeb – 1851 Contributor

My coworkers and I at work.
Photo by Ghiz Benzerdjeb

No mask in the world can protect you from this one, whether you had a Valentine’s Day boo or not, on February 14 of this year, it was all about self-love and loving the little things with the people you love. Normally on Valentine’s Day, I do take some effort in dressing up, buying flowers or art supplies and eating good. 

This year, Valentine’s Day looked very different to me. I was at work with an awesome co-worker of mine named Daniela, grateful to be employed and having a grand old time chatting and helping customers pick out what hair color could look awesome on them depending on the season or their outfits. 

Over in Connecticut, remote junior Sarah Votto also worked the morning of Valentine’s Day. She arrived home to a colorful spring bouquet of flowers and spent the afternoon and evening with her partner making bean quesadillas, exchanging small gifts and having a movie night. “Last Valentine’s, Dylan (her partner) and I went to the pet store, got a pet fish and went out for dinner. I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t go out, but we made the best of it and had a cozy sentimental night in,” Votto said.

Sarah brings up a good point that had me thinking, there is no wrong way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The essence of Valentine’s Day is love, gratitude and good food. These three things just so happen to be immune to COVID-19 no vaccination required!

Next month marks the one year anniversary of an international lockdown, and after a tumultuous January for Americans, the love and smiles on people’s faces thankful to be alive and healthy was more than enough love for me.

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