Dining Services makes alteration for Spring

By Katie Peters, Emma Ingenohl & Josh Wolmer – Co-Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Contributors

Bags of food wait to be picked up at the counter of 1851, which is now open for limited late-night options.
Photo by Katie Peters

Upon arriving back to campus this semester, resident students were faced with new regulations surrounding dining hall procedures. The biggest change being each student is allowed only one styrofoam take-out container per meal swipe, along with side containers for sauces, fruit, soups, etc.

In an email sent in late January, Associate Vice President of Administration and Operations Diane Parker said the goal was to reduce waste.

Prior to this semester, students used one meal swipe to go up to various food stations taking as much as they wanted, sometimes acquiring multiple styrofoam containers. Now, if a student wishes to get a second styrofoam container they must use a second meal swipe. Some students are unsatisfied with this rule, as well as the lack of alternative options on campus.

“I liked it better when you could get multiple containers because I liked having the option of getting more food,” says junior Simone Landry.

Additionally, last Fall semester, the Glow Lounge “Take 3” closed due to an alleged lack of interest. A late-night dining option was briefly offered last semester with limited dining choices but was also shut down after a month or two. We Proudly Serve in the STC remains open.

First-year Sydney Pesaturo started a petition regarding the dining hall options. Over 330 students have signed the petition which outlined a multitude of requests including the return of both Take 3 and late-night dining, the option to take as many containers as needed, the return of previously closed Valentine Dining hall stations like the ice cream bar and Boomer’s, and overall more food options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free students, and more.

For Pesaturo, the most important request was the one for more food options in Valentine Dining Hall. “Healthier alternatives, comfort food, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. That would make things a lot better,” Pesaturo said.

Pesaturo was invited to the February 9 Student Government Association (SGA) meeting to discuss the terms of the petition with SGA members and President Alexander. Pesaturo says, “[Alexander] said he agrees with almost everything except the indoor dining because despite restaurants having indoor dining around the Newton area, there are different guidelines for us as a university.”

There have been a few changes made since the circulation of Pesaturo petition. As of two weeks ago, ice cream is back to being offered at Valentine Dining Hall. Takeout cups and individually wrapped popsicles can be found near the entrance of the dining hall.

As of Tuesday, February 16, late-night dining is back at 1851. Students can submit a pre-order via the Boost Mobile app. A meal swipe, dining dollars or personal debit and credit cards can be used to pay for late-night options.

“Living right next to Arnow, [1851] is perfect for a dinner option because I am far from the dining hall. I know me and many other students wanted it back and it’s great they did,” said Landry.

There are a variety of choices including a veggie burger or beyond beef vegan burger, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, milkshakes, and more. For now, the late-night option is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 5:30 p.m.-11 p.m.

With the three dining locations currently open, Dining Services is trying their best to deliver meals to the community.

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