Emma’s Style Corner: The color brown

By Emma Ingenohl – 1851 Contributor

Photos taken and collaged by Emma Ingenohl.

For years, the color brown, in regards to fashion and clothing, has been shunned and rejected. But that has completely changed. Brown is now one of the hottest colors in the fashion world. Some people are embracing the trend while others are left wondering how to style brown clothing pieces. Here are five stylish and relatively easy ways to incorporate the color into your wardrobe.

Monochromatic- This is arguably one of the trendiest ways to wear the color brown right now. Taking different shades and hues of the color and putting them all together to create a complete outfit avoids the worry of having to match brown with other colors. You will look chic and fashionable, people will think you spent a lot of time curating your outfit. It can be as simple as a brown hoodie with a brown leather jacket overtop and some brown cargo pants, or a brown ruched dress with a brown cropped jacket.

The neutral route- Similar to the previous monochromatic look, neutral tones work beautifully with brown. If you’re trying to style brown trousers, go for a cream sweater or tan blazer. Any and every earth tone will pair up nicely with brown, even green if you’re willing to be brave. And don’t forget, brown and black always have and always will match.

Layer up!- It’s never going away. Layering is a staple technique every stylist keeps up their sleeve for the right outfit. A brown sweater vest over a white or cream-colored button-up collared shirt with a denim jacket overtop. A classic black skirt over brown, cable-knit tights with knee-high boots. A brown t-shirt over a black or tan long-sleeve shirt. Pairing a brown statement piece with more muted, everyday pieces is a great way to add the trend to your outfit without going all out.

Just a hint- Scared to take the plunge? No worries. Try adding a hint of brown to your outfit with an accessory or shoe. The new ‘Dark Mocha’ Air Jordan Ones are a great example of keeping the brown subtle, but still on trend. A brown headband is another great way to incorporate the color. It will pop especially well on black, blonde, or red hair. A brown bag is another easy accessory to pair with almost any outfit. Check out ones from MoxieWrrld, JW PEI or your local thrift store.

Outerwear- Another simple way to integrate brown into your wardrobe is by buying a brown coat. This coat can be used as a staple to pair with various different outfits and have you looking on-trend in seconds. The brown North Face puffer is all the rage right now, but cheaper options can be found at Zara and the thrift stores. A brown duster can elevate your look even if you’re wearing sweatpants underneath. Plus you’ll be kept warm all through the harsh winter months.

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