Interesting Internships

By Angela Hayes – 1851 Contributor

Laura Gunning smiling at her senior year practicum at William’s Elementary School.
Photo courtesy of Laura Gunning

Most of these internship examples were found on the Lasell University website! After going to the homepage, click on the drop-down menu titled ‘Academics’ and then select ‘Internship Programs’ near the end. From there you can choose your major/school and view many companies and organizations that Lasell students have worked with in the past.

School of Business

  • Live Nation
    • Live Nation is a large company comprised of global marketers like Ticketmaster. Lasell Business majors often intern at the company to learn about marketing, coordinate ticket sales, sponsorship sales, and much more.
  • YMCA
    • The YMCA has been a popular internship choice for Lasell Business majors since there are multiple close by and the organization has many different positions that a business major would be qualified for such as event management, membership and program management, and finances. 
  • Marriott
    • The Marriott offers internships at hotel and corporate levels. In the hotel, you will experience the culture and industry from the ground up. At the corporate level, you will learn the ins and outs of the business through a strategic lens, and this includes a summer class at their headquarters in Maryland.

School of Communication & The Arts

  • The Boston Globe
    • Being an intern at the Boston Globe would entail being a general assignment reporter in the News department as well as the Photography and Design departments. This internship would benefit journalism majors best but is not limited to them. 
  • Callanan & Klein Communications
    • This company would be a great fit for communication majors who are interested in public relations and marketing campaigns that are geared towards the arts, non-profit consumer and lifestyle clients. 
  • 94.5 iHeart Media
    • Interning at iHeart is an exceptional experience for any communication major that is interested in the arts and/or radio. They offer a broad option of different internships that will teach anything from sales and marketing to research and coordination.

School of Fashion

  • Nordstrom
    • Nordstrom offers a variety of different fashion internships including retail management, finance, buying and planning, and software engineering that students have worked with and enjoyed in the past. 
  • Urban Outfitters
    • Urban is currently offering ‘home office’ internships which can be done in a hybrid setting from your dorm room. This also includes possible internships at other companies like free people, Anthropologie, terrain, BHLDN, and nuuly. 

School of Health Sciences

  • MA Wellpath Recreational Therapy Training Program
    • This internship, located in Framingham, will train students to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the correct recreational services that should be used on a patient. 
  • Perfect Postures
    • This company aims to teach its interns that the body functions as a whole and not in parts. You will be taught how to evaluate posture and assess which exercises should be used to fix certain dysfunctions. 
An average day at practicum for some education majors.
Photo courtesy of Laura Gunning

School of Humanities, Education, Justice & Social Sciences (HEJSS)

  • Boston Police Department (BPD)
    • The BPD has multiple different locations that are available for internships, but none that are within walking distance from Lasell. An intern would need to commit to driving to the location if they have a car, or take the T. This internship would be a solid fit for someone majoring in criminal justice. 
  • Bournewood Hospital
    • This is a psychiatric hospital located in Brookline, Woburn, Dedham, and Lowell that has residential and partial hospital programs and services for adolescents and adults with mental health and/or substance use issues. This is a beneficial internship for psychology and human services students. 
  • Department of Children and Families (DCF)
    • DCF is a well-known organization that has many locations near Lasell including Framingham (about 20 minutes from campus). This internship would include working with children and parents, studying case files and learning about human services and psychology. 
    • John M. Barry Boys and Girls Club
  • John M. Barry Boys and Girls Club
    • This Boys and Girls Club is located near Lasell in Watertown and aims to help young children become productive, caring and responsible citizens. This internship would best fit with an education major.

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