McCarthy returns as new athletic trainer

By Josh Wolmer & Zach Kraft – 1851 Contributors

Mari McCarthy is ready to put her skills to work once the Spring season begins.
Photo courtesy of Mari McCarthy

The Athletics Department added new interim athletic trainer Mari McCarthy after beloved trainer Hilary Turner left in the Fall. McCarthy is extremely excited to be a part of the team and is no stranger to being on campus. She completed her undergraduate and graduate programs through Lasell in the five-year program before becoming employed with the University. Despite fielding offers from other colleges such as Brandeis, McCarthy chose to reunite with her alma mater. 

“I knew from going to Lasell that they really look out for their people, especially the students,” McCarthy said. “I had been here for my internship as well, and I really liked the people that were working here. I felt like it was the best option for me.”

McCarthy credits her success to self-reflecting, learning what she needs to improve on, and honesty about her abilities. It is this honesty that McCarthy attributes to standing out during the interview process. 

“I think when you’re doing an interview, the best thing to do is be honest about your strengths and weaknesses,” said McCarthy. “The biggest thing about me is, I’m confident in what I know and what I don’t know, and I’m okay with not knowing everything. I think it’s important for an employer to know that their employees will be comfortable about asking questions when they don’t know something, and being honest about that impresses them.”

Her boss, Director of Sports Medicine Chris Noyes, concurred with McCarthy’s assessment. “What set her apart from other candidates was the way she interviewed. Her personality came through as someone who was easy to talk to,” said Noyes. “Other candidates gave the ‘robotic answers,’ but with her, she made us think she would be a valuable addition because it’s all about people skills.” 

Noyes noted being easily approachable is pertinent for athlete-trainer relationships as the trainer counts on the athlete to be honest about any ailments to allow for proper treatment. Teams can enter dangerous territory if the athlete is dishonest with a trainer in fear they’ll miss playing time, which can worsen an injury. 

Being personable, hard-working, and as Lasell-immersed as she says she is, McCarthy has shown her ability to succeed in her new role. Once sports commence in full fashion, McCarthy will be able to display these exact talents that have brought her back to the community she cherished as a young adult.

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