New Year’s Resolutions: Useful or a Cliché?

By Rebecca Osowski – 1851 Contributor

McClelland gym is now open on campus, a perfect place to start achieving your goals, whenever you are ready.
Photo by: Rebecca Osowski

As the year ends, families gather to celebrate holidays and reflect on the year while also reflecting on themselves, setting New Year’s resolutions and aiming to be a better version of themself in the following year. While New Year’s resolutions are great for setting goals, they are often hard to attain, easily discouraging those that set them. 

Because of this, I think New Year’s resolutions are as cliché as they come. The New Year is just another time for people of all ages to decide to make a change, whether they will make that change or not. For example, eating healthier and working out more is a commonly set goal, but how many people follow through?

This same mentality accompanies many resolutions, including to stop drinking or smoking. It is not that the people that set these resolutions do not want to complete them, it is that they are not ready to complete them. They may start their resolution, but ultimately, they stop as they are not ready to change their lifestyle or are not educated on the best course of action to make a change.

Furthermore, why should people be limited to setting resolutions on the New Year? Someone may want to make a change and complete their resolutions but not feel ready until the middle of the year, or even later. Then, it is not considered a ‘New Year’s resolution’ and they may just wait until the new year, getting caught in this continuous cycle.

Overall, setting goals for yourself is beneficial to growing, however they should not be limited to the new year. While the concept of a New Year’s resolution is great, they are cliché and can cause more harm than good. People should make resolutions when the time is right for them and they are most prepared to succeed and make a lifestyle change, not when it is most convenient and popular.

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