Supermarkets steps from school

By Taylor Viles – Sports Editor

Valentine dining hall can only do so much in satisfying the taste buds of students. The food tends to blend together day in and day out, and the offerings are limited. Therefore, it’s understandable that students might want to experiment with other options for food to gratify the cravings for another flavor. The following are options for healthier or tastier ways to eat while going to Lasell:

Star Market- 0.3 miles
2040 Commonwealth Ave, Auburndale
Within walking distance from Lasell, this is the closest option. It is the easiest, if one is hungry right at dinner time and is craving something particular. It’s not the cheapest choice on this list but for a few items within a college students budget. There’s a refrigerator on the back wall of the store with discounted meat as well. This is meat that is still fine for consumption, though its expiration day is closing in. If the plan is to cook a steak the night it is purchased, there will be no issue.

Trader Joe’s- 1.5 miles
1121 Washington Street, West Newton
The food is good here. It’s healthy, much of it is organic, chicken is free range, there are options for every dietary need. A majority of the food sold is also branded in the “Trader Joe’s” name, a name that has become synonymous with quality. Because of this, the food is rather expensive but the higher prices are for the high standard. Even so, on a college budget, this should be a once in a while treat. If one is driving by Trader Joe’s and just in the mood for a “healthier” snack, the store always has delicious snacks stocked on the shelves. It’s hard to find these snacks at other stores.

Volante Farms- 3.4 miles
292 Forest Street, Needham
This is not necessarily a store that a college student should fill their cart at. Much of the food sold comes right off the farm or is sourced from a higher quality company, giving prices a boost. Volante is a farm store which is a common sight to students from New England. Its high ceiling, post and beam look gives this store a rustic atmosphere. The food is very healthy and shoppers are greeted with a smile. The biggest draw to Volante is its deli. It produces many tasty sandwiches that can be enjoyed outdoors on picnic tables (pre-pandemic.)

Wegman’s- 4 miles
200 Boylston Street, Newton
Similar to Star Market in price, Wegman’s gives off more of a homier feel than a big grocery store. The draw to Wegman’s is its buffet style dining section that allows hungry customers to indulge. Unfortunately, the store doesn’t provide dine in service at this time and there is no timetable for its return according to Wegman’s. To accommodate this change, the store provides prepackaged meals in microwave safe containers for purchase.

Walmart (grocery section)- 8.3 miles
121 Worcester Road, Framingham
This may seem like a mistake, but Walmart’s prices beat out the other stores on this list and the food doesn’t have to be unhealthy and processed. Unfortunately, this choice is also the furthest drive. Walmart sells a fair amount of organic and non-GMO foods, as well as some quick and easy ramen too. It may take an extra second to find the healthy choices, don’t give up, they exist!

For some simple recipes or even just ideas about ingredients to buy to make delicious, home-cooked meals, check out Culinary College. Culinary College is a cooking show produced by Lasell Community Television focusing on making meals on a budget.

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