A Million Thank You’s to Zoom Professors

By Lilly Hoeniger1851 Contributor

Graphic by Lilly Hoeniger

I think a big thank you is necessary to all of the professors making college payments worth it during this time of Zoom education. 

COVID postponed our routine lives of in-person learning in 2020 and here we are one year later still learning how to adjust to this new normal of online and flex classes. Not only have students learned how to survive Zoom learning but some professors have provided the ability for their students to thrive in these online environments. 

While some professors struggle with the concept of teaching online and end up simply providing article links or class material for the student to teach themselves, I want to thank those professors who are going the extra mile to continue to teach us thoroughly. Those professors are the ones who deserve a round of applause. 

Countless professors have gone above and beyond to create a genuine classroom relationship with their students and have created a sense of community in their online classrooms. I’ve had professors welcome students individually as we log into the Zoom classroom the same way they would if we were walking into their classroom on Lasell’s campus. I’ve had professors delay regular class lectures, once we’re all logged on, so that they could start a class conversation of how we’re all doing in the class and in general outside of class. They don’t simply get done what they need to as the professor but they also take the time to care for their students virtually the best they can. In the midst of adjusting to a new normal, some professors have truly stepped up as mentors and leading examples by stretching out a helping hand. They are determined to educate their students just as thoroughly as they would in an in-person learning environment.

I want to thank those professors who are still there for their students as a reliable resource in the Zoom classroom as well as outside the classroom. They’re the ones making our college payments worth it during COVID; so a big thanks goes out to you. 

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