7 most captivating shows and movies to consume your free time

By Karissa Gaughan– 1851 Staff

Finding a show or movie that captures your attention and passes the time can be difficult. Especially if you spent most of quarantine watching everything imaginable, new is hard to find. If you are craving a new movie or show to binge watch, here are seven recommendations for every interest out there.

1. The Good Doctor – Hulu and ABC

If you are a rabid Greys Anatomy fan, share interests in the medical field, or just love a good underdog story, “The Good Doctor” is a great fit for you. Shaun Murphy, an autistic surgical assistant who has savant syndrome, faces daily prejudice about being the first autistic surgeon at St. Bonaventure Hospital. He struggles to overcome communication challenges while contributing his exceptional mind to save patients’ lives. In season three of four, they have an episode covering the effects of COVID-19 on hospitals and patients, giving viewers a marvelous insight into the battle our first responders endure.

2. Date Night – Hulu, YouTube, Apple TV, Google Play, iTunes and Vudu

Starring favorites Steve Carell and Tina Fey, the two play Phil and Claire Foster who embark on a date night adventure to spice up the romance in their marriage. When Phil takes another couples reservation under Triplehorn at a classy restaurant in an attempt to give Claire the best date night, they get caught up in some trouble. When two scary looking men show up to their table demanding a flash drive, a chase ensues throughout the city to clear their name. This comedy romance will brighten your mood and be sure to make you laugh out loud at least once.

3. Behind Her Eyes – Netflix

Stephen King testifies how this “bloody brilliant” story encapsulates anyone who loves mind twists. Behind Her Eyes is a psychological thriller where a single mother, Louise, begins an affair with her boss David, while also secretly befriending his wife, Adel. Unknowingly, things begin to seem strange in her boss’s marriage when she listens in on his scheduled daily phone calls home. Entering a world of twisted mind games and the past coming back to play important roles in relationships, Louise is conflicted whether David or Adel is the monster. With an ending you’ll never see coming, this show will leave you staring jaw-dropped at your TV.

4. Tell Me Who I Am – Netflix

Based on a true story, twin brothers Alex and Marcus come together after years of deceit to lay it all on the table once and for all. Alex lost his memory at a young age and the only face recognizable was his twin, Marcus’s. In trusting Marcus to tell him about his past, Marcus leaves out a dark family secret in hopes Alex won’t have to carry the same pain of their childhood he does. When Alex starts to notice things aren’t adding up, he starts asking Marcus questions he can’t bear to recollect. In this documentary “Tell Me Who I Am,” Alex finally learns the secrets that Marcus has been holding back for 20 years.

5. Survivor – Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Prime Video, Paramount+, and YouTube

Kicking off the start of competitive reality TV shows, “Survivor” has 40 jam-packed seasons of players living off the wild, trying to outwit, outlast and outplay each other. While having to compete in challenges to gain immunity so they won’t be sent home, they are all attempting to win the million-dollar prize and the title of sole survivor. Each season with different themes, people, challenges, rules, and game play, Host Jeff Probst takes you through the adventure with the players getting all the drama out at tribal council, where the players choose to vote each other out. Filled with strategy, deceit, struggle, and broken promises, the blindsides will be sure to keep not only the contestant, but viewers on their feet too.

6. The Night Stalker – Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube

CW for sexual assault 

A San Gabriel Valley mystery highlights the 1985 crimes of Richard Ramirez, in the Netflix series documentary, “The Night Stalker.” Witness the hunt for this American serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, pedophile and burglar, and how this one man affected so many lives through seemingly random brutal and malicious attacks. Diving into the past of this malicious killer could explain these horrific acts but it can’t excuse them. With the only thing being a shoe print connecting his crimes together, watch how investigators ironically caught this neighborhood night stalker.

7. Ginnie and Georgia – Netflix

A mom fighting her past and a daughter finding her way, Ginnie slowly discovers the secrets her mom has hidden to protect her. Georgia, the mom, has always run from the past. As a young teen runaway, she tries raising her daughter Ginnie on her own after her and the father have multiple falling outs. After moving around and helping to raise her new little half-brother, the three end up in Wellsbury, your average little suburban town. Quickly making a big impression, Georgia might have to face the skeletons of her past, but can she keep it hidden from her kids while keeping up the cool soccer mom facade?

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