Alum Zac Vierra brings passion to his MLB job

By Cameron Deniso – 1851 Contributor

Zac Vierra with the four World Series trophies for the Boston Red Sox.
Photo courtesy of Zac Vierra

How would you describe someone that’s passionate about something? Can it be defined as sleeping in a tent outside from 1 a.m. to 5 p.m.? What about moving 2,471.6 miles alone to a place you’ve never been before? Zac Vierra has done both these things, all because of his passion for baseball. Vierra slept outside in a tent in 2013 so he could be first in line to get tickets for the World Series. Then, to start his career, he moved to Montana so he could gain experience writing stories and learn the ways of calling a baseball game.

 Growing up in Sandwich, Massachusetts, Vierra’s passion for baseball started at a young age. “I knew at a young age I wanted to be a sportswriter or a journalist or work for a baseball team, I knew I really wanted to work in baseball somehow,” said Vierra. That’s exactly what he did, after graduating from Lasell in 2013 with a major in communications and a minor in sports communications. 

Vierra’s first job in the baseball industry was in Montana as he worked with a minor league team as well as a broadcaster. He was responsible for writing game notes, doing stat packs, helping out coaches with the lineups, and running the team’s Twitter account. 

His writing shifted over time. “I think it helped when it came to doing longer feature stories to learning how to write blurbs for game notes which were shorter. Also, I ended up learning how to deal with character limits,” said Vierra.

When Vierra was at Lasell, he worked as Co-Editor-in-Chief for the 1851 Chronicle. Associate Professor of Journalism Marie C. Franklin saw firsthand how he grew as a writer. “What made the difference was when he became an editor and had to supervise other students. I think that is when he really started to mature,” said Franklin.

After a year in Montana and doing some freelance jobs, Vierra landed in Florida where he worked at Roger Dean Stadium during spring training for the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals. He ran the video board during the game as well as working hand-in-hand with the PA announcer, official scorer and people who ran the music.

One of the things he took away from those jobs was clarity. “You learn a lot of different things and figure out what your niche is and what you continue to do and some things you don’t like about that job,” said Vierra. “I liked the social media aspect so I applied for social media jobs which brought me to the job with the Mets.” 

Vierra thus began working with the New York Mets on their social media, having some memorable experiences along the way. 

“When I was at the Mets we had a lot of cool people come in like Kevin James, we did a lot of cool social media stuff with them,” he said. “Working with the team, I got to fly out with the whole Mets office and fly out to Kansas City for game one and two of the World Series, it was such an awesome experience being a baseball fan, I definitely soaked it all in.”

Vierra’s experience with the Mets helped him get the job of running the Twitter account for Major League Baseball (MLB). “I made a lot of great connections when I was working for the Mets, but…  it’s also the connections I made when I was in Montana and Florida that helped me,” he said. “Connections and who you know are really important when it comes to applying for jobs,” said Vierra. 

One thing Vierra always tries to bring to each job is energy, “I consider myself an energetic person who tries to keep everybody’s spirits up. I think it’s easy to bring a lot of energy to work every day when you’re passionate about something. In my case, it’s baseball.” 

His co-workers have noticed as well, “Zac is a high-energy, passionate and creative person. He always keeps things light-hearted in the office,” said Ted Lee, one of the managers for the MLB Twitter. 

“Zac brings so much energy to this gig. He absolutely loves baseball, and he can’t hide it at work. We sometimes joke that working a shift with Zac that includes a Red Sox game is basically like sitting next to someone at Fenway,” said Shannon Lynch, one of Vierra’s co-workers. 

Vierra will be the first to tell you how beneficial his previous jobs were, but he also received rejection along the way. 

“I remember my senior year at Lasell, there was a job with being an associate reporter where you work with the team’s reporter. I put together this huge portfolio with a bunch of people writing me recommendations, put together all my writing clips and sent it out and I was super confident at getting this job, it was my dream job after Lasell. I ended not even getting an interview and it was crushing because I put some much effort into making my portfolio unique but it shows how competitive it is to not even get an interview. I was devastated but everything happens for a reason,” said Vierra.

When there’s rejection, there comes some doubt. “I doubted if I even wanted to work in sports, thought if I should change my career, you just gotta power through it.” That’s what Vierra did, he didn’t give up and he’s glad he didn’t, “I love what I do now, I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.”

Vierra’s passion for baseball and energy are undeniable. He hasn’t had the smoothest journey, but his passion for baseball has led him to where he is today; having a job he loves that many wish they could have.

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