Canceling spring break hurt students

By Zachary Kraft – 1851 Contributor

Illustration by Robby Rowe

As every student at Lasell knows by now, we didn’t have a spring break this semester. What would have been one week off in March was added on to winter break in January as an extension. I think this decision did an injustice to students for a multitude of reasons.

In March, students are trudging through midterms and want to enjoy the nice spring weather. Taking our spring break away from us and adding it as an extension onto a cold winter break was inconsiderate. Obviously, most of us love our families and enjoy getting away from campus to celebrate the holidays. 

But let’s be real, what is there to do at home in late January? Absolutely nothing. It was cold, during our extended winter break, and we didn’t really do anything other than stay home. While that may be something many of us also do during spring break, this year we didn’t have a choice. 

Canceling spring to keep our infection numbers better, instead of giving students time off to relax and take a needed break was unfair. 

The administration knew people would travel, and wanted to keep Lasell’s positive numbers low. I understand Lasell wants our campus to be safe – we all do – but we could have done that by having an isolation period upon returning to campus after spring break. Couldn’t we have done the same procedure we did after winter break?

Looking back, I wish the decision to cancel spring break hadn’t happened. Traveling is a risk, yes, but students are adults and could have been trusted to travel safely and come back to campus and be safe then too. More importantly, we would have had the chance to catch up on our schoolwork, or maybe see friends. Hopefully, next year, spring break will return, but for graduating seniors, this year was lost; and once again it was students who paid the price.

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