Dear Joe Biden, do better

By Emma Ingenohl – 1851 Contributor

Preceding his election as the President of the United States, Joe Biden made many promises to the american people that he has failed to keep within the first few months in office. 

Possibly one of the biggest assets to Joe Biden’s campaign was his plan for COVID-19 relief. The pandemic is potentially one of the most crucial issues that needs attention from the President of the United States, and Biden ran on the notion that his plan to help Americans was the one that could get us out of this tragic moment in history. 

Former President Donald Trump lost many of his ratings due to his lack of response to COVID-19, and Biden saw this as an entry point to gain support from followers who previously may have voted for Trump. 

One of the biggest points in the relief plan was to give eligible taxpayers, along with their dependents, $2,000 checks to help assist them with any expenses during this difficult time. However, upon being elected, he changed that number from $2,000 to $1,400 because many taxpayers had already received a $600 check under the Trump administration. 

$1,400 is not the $2,000 Biden had promised, and adult dependents did not receive the initial $600. Before even being inaugurated, Biden had gone back on a promise he made. 

Furthermore, it took months for the Senate to pass the $1.9 trillion relief bill. In those months waiting, many families struggled to pay bills and even put food on the table. And what was Biden doing during that time of waiting? 

According to NBC news, he was bombing Syria, sending Immigration and Customs Enforcements out into the country to remove illegal immigrants, and filling border detention centers to pre-COVID-19 capacities.

Since swearing in on January 20, 2021, Biden has not kept his word on many of the pressing issues he addressed prior, and in many ways has failed the country because of it. This country does not need another presidency filled with empty promises and lack of leadership, it needs a president who will fight for what is right and maintain their word to voters.

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