Larson becomes pop’s “Poster Girl”

By Audrey Abbate – 1851 Staff

Swedish singer Zara Larsson released her twelve-track LP “Poster Girl” on March 5. Besides Larsson, there are some great songwriters on this album like Julia Michaels, Ian Kirkpatrick, Marshmello, etc. Here’s a list of some tracks to listen to.

“Love Me Land” – This track has a cinematic instrumental element to it that makes it complete. It’s a dance track that was appropriately placed as the first song and the album’s lead single. It’s been out since July, but it’s criminally underrated.

“WOW” – You may have heard this song in a commercial before “Poster Girl”. My preference is her remix with Sabrina Carpenter instead, it made it more interesting to listen to, I also suggest watching her EMA performance.

“FFF”(Falling for a Friend) – If the title of this track is familiar to you, it’s the same as a track by Bebe Rehxa, but has a completely different meaning. Falling for a Friend is a great song, it’s got a 70’s disco vibe to its beat. The catchy beat is topped off with Zara’s powerhouse vocals towards the end. The very talented singer-songwriter Julia Michaels worked on this track with Larsson.

“Need Someone” – This track is about conflicting feelings about letting someone go, but yearning for them at the same time. This song describes the feeling of enjoying one’s company, but not needing it because you know you’re happy. It has catchy piano and synthesized beats throughout.

“Right Here”- This track grows on you as you keep listening. There are very risque lyrics about using drugs and sex to get the attention of a partner who won’t listen. The music includes an enjoyable dance/EDM beat throughout that deserves more attention. This song has more to offer than what it gave.

Similar to Dua Lipa, Zara seems to be participating in the 2020’s disco comeback. Surprisingly, hits like “All the time” were not included in the American release of this album. But, it was smart to release this album in early spring because some of these tracks are backyard-quarantine-worthy.

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