Making a dorm room feel like home

By Holly FeolaOpinions Editor

All photos were taken by Holly Feola.

This cute wooden glass frame was a graduation gift and features some of my highlights from when I was in high school. I’ve had the same photos in the frame for the past 3 years, but what I like about this frame is that they can easily be switched out.

When a college student first enters a college dorm room, it’s empty and lacks any personalization. To help liven the dull space, I like to fill it with photos and quotes that bring a smile to my face. I find that photos make a space feel more like home and add a personal touch. 


This was a canvas that I painted with an inspirational quote. I have it over my desk to help keep positive energy up when I work on my school work.
This is a custom photo gift I got from my friend. The artist referenced photos of my friend and I to create this watercolor piece. 
This is a record that I painted with a quote that I came up with. I wrote the quote because it reminds me that the smaller things in life can have a bigger impact than we realize. 
Cutline: Here are some flowers that I use to add some liviness into my room and help make the walls less plain. In the past I have used clothes pins to hang up photos.

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