Registration changes needed

By Rayana Petrone – 1851 Contributor

With Academic Planning quickly approaching, it is now time for students to begin planning their courses for the upcoming year.

I think course registration is frustrating and challenging for a variety of reasons. The process for choosing courses allows for seniors to choose their courses first, followed by juniors, sophomores, and then first-years.

This method of selecting things based on seniority can also be seen in the way the university approaches room draw. While this may be fair for housing, many have deemed it unfair for picking courses because oftentimes, underclassmen are left unable to take required courses.

Besides the registration process, there are other elements of courses at Lasell that are frustrating to students. Because the university is much smaller in comparison to others, a lot of courses are only offered during specific semesters. This has forced students to alter their academic plans to coordinate with when courses are running. This is not something some students feel as though they should have to worry about.

It is understandable that seniors are made priority since it is their last year. However, by expanding when courses are offered and having more sections of courses, it can help eliminate students having to change around their entire academic plan if they aren’t able to take a class at a certain time. 

Most students have experienced issues one way or another with the limited courses, and overall frustration with the registration process. It is time to work with the Office of the Registrar and the Deans of all the five schools to open up the discussion on implementing fairness into the process, and more course options.

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