Style Forecast: Spring/summer 2021 trend review

Emma Ingenohl1851 Staff

Graphic by Emma Ingenohl

With more and more Americans getting their vaccines, there is a joy in the air, and spring/summer fashion is following suit. Though there will still be plenty of lounge and casual wear, bold colors and prints are back in style, and experimentation with accessories and shoes is already being seen. Early 2000s style is coming back around and these fashion trends will keep you fitted from March to August.

Platforms, clogs and mules, oh my!

Be ready to play around with some new shoe silhouettes this spring and sum- mer, cause these shoe trends are experimental. Chunky flip-flops, slip-on clogs, and basic mules are all the rage, but if you’re worried these trends may be a little too much for you, a strappy open-toe heel will still keep you looking chic and stylish.

Accessory Trends

More chunkiness is being seen in rings. Accessory brand La Maso has perfected this trend and their ring designs have been all over Instagram for a couple of months now. With bright and fun colors, this trend will be sticking with us for some time. Silk scarves can also be used to tie around the head as a hair accessory, and even played around with for make- shift tops. Woven and straw bags usually come back around this time of year, and spring/summer 2021 will be no different. These purses are perfect for a beach day or a nice afternoon stroll in the park.

Clothing Trends

Once again, we cannot escape the hold that early 2000s fashion has on the industry at the moment. Flare leggings and pants, halter tops, and low-waisted mini skirts are all back in style and are some of the major trends that are already emerging. The flare legging in particular has been a controversial trend, as many of us get flashbacks to 2012 to Victoria’s Secret PINK. But, Emma Chamberlain was seen rocking them, so that can only mean they are officially back in style. Halter tops and mini skirts alike are also remnants of the past and give the feeling of nostalgia and playfulness. Lastly, short shorts are out, and long, oversized dad shorts are in. Think Bermuda shorts that you were forced to wear at age eight, but cute.

Prints, prints, more prints!

What better way to express feelings of hope and joy than bold prints and patterns? To no surprise, we are taking inspiration from the 2000s with swirl prints, Hawaiian-style florals, and repeating prints. Printed pants in particular will be staples that can spruce up any outfit. House of Sunny has recently revealed a matching halter top and pant set with a blue-green swirl print that is circulating the internet fast, and many have already gotten their hands on the iconic pieces. Printed tankinis from the early 2000s capture the bold printed halter top perfectly if you’re not looking to splurge, and many of these styles can be found at your local thrift store.

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