Teaching ‘Tomorrow’s Teachers’

By Taylor Viles – Sports Editor

Tomorrow’s Teachers talk over Zoom during their most recent club meeting on March 25. Photo courtesy of Nicole Hasset

Tomorrow’s Teachers is a Lasell club dedicated to giving opportunities to aspiring educators. 

Like other clubs, members were forced to move club meetings to Zoom due to COVID-19. The fall semester acted as a slight barrier for club leaders as they were spending time trying to salvage club participation with the new regulations.

“We definitely slowed down,” said club secretary junior Nicole Hassett. “When we were in person, we would have a meeting every other week. For the fall semester, because of the transition, we were fully online. We tried [to meet] every other week, but it ended up being, like, once a month.”

Hassett, along with junior Dana Coughlin, the club’s treasurer, have been a part of Tomorrow’s Teachers since their first year at Lasell. Hassett joined the e-board halfway through her sophomore year. 

Hassett and Coughlin say the hardest part of the new online format has been persuading people to come to meetings. Currently, the club is meeting every other Thursday at 7 p.m. “I just feel like people are tired of Zoom,” said Coughlin. “It’s not a class. They don’t want to come and stay on Zoom for another 30 minutes if they don’t have to.”

Despite this, the club has begun to plan events for the remainder of the semester. Their first event came on April 1 as they hosted children’s book author Anna Staniszewski over zoom. On April 6 from 4 to 5:30 p.m., there will be an online discussion about diversity in children’s literature. On April 15 at 7 p.m., Tomorrow’s Teachers will host a program to discuss trauma and children with a member of the Special Investigations Unit for the Department of Children and Families (DCF). 

Although these events are planned by an education club, Hassett encourages people to take part in them regardless of their major. “For our upcoming events…we are trying to have, like, English majors, people that like art, we’re just trying to involve everyone.” 

In addition to the scheduled events, the club regularly sends cards to Boston Children’s Hospital for sick children to lift their spirits.

Club Advisor and Associate Professor of Education Amy Maynard is proud of the work her President junior Grace West and the rest of the eboard has done to keep Tomorrow’s Teachers relevant. “I think they’ve done incredibly well,” said Maynard. 

She said there was some confusion of what to use their budget for at the beginning of the school year but operations became clear. Maynard said she gave her club leaders many thoughts of events to do which helped to spark ideas of their own. “I feel like the things they’re doing now are a little bit more professional-oriented,” she said.

The professional connections that education majors make by joining Tomorrow’s Teachers are unparalleled. The club works with area schools as well as other programs that introduce Lasell students to peers in their field. “We’ve worked with St. Stephen’s, an after-school program in Boston, [and] we’ve worked with the West Newton Boys and Girls Club,” said Hassett. “That was the main reason why I joined freshman year, just getting those experiences.”

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