The Laser and their room: Welcome to my galaxy

By Ruth KehindeDigital Editor

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, residential students are spending a great deal of their college career in their rooms. Since I’m in my dorm room majority of the time, I try to make it a wholesome place to spend my senior year. Enter the depths of my room, filled with various abstract decorations, crystals and childhood memories that reflect who I am as a person.

All photos were taken by Ruth Kehinde.

This alien painting was a Christmas gift, and an alien balloon on top of my TV emphasizes my love for the unknown. My black belt and Scorpio tapestry complement each other. This area describes me as an alien that can defend herself while being one of the hardcore and personally, most awesome water signs in the zodiac.
This is the symbol of the karate center I went to practice martial arts at.

This wall is filled with various photos that consist of my favorite quotes and people. I look up at it every day as a reminder of all these memories.
My desk is filled with a picture of myself and mom when I was young on the carousel at Six Flags. Next to it is a painting of a black women’s afro that has the Nigerian flag colors on it. The other decorations were put there for the aesthetic, but also to play and fidget with from time to time. 
My window seat is my favorite place in my room. Here’s where my source of sunlight comes from and where I meditate, say my affirmations for the day, journal and read. 
This other side of my wall is filled with various cards that were given to me from various people that will stay dear to my heart. 
Next to the cards is a map of Copenhagen, Denmark that has little colorful cotton balls in the places that I visited. Below are various quotes from the show, “Rick and Morty.” This show is one of my favorite shows of all time. 
Below the cards and map is an African tapestry that applies to my heritage. 
Here’s a poster that my friend gave me for Christmas, two bags that are filled with words of encouragement from my Alternative Spring Break in Atlanta, Georgia and one from my experience from “Vagina Monologues.” I only look in those bags when I really need to because if I look at them everyday, sweating through my eyes would be a hobby. 
Here is my yin and yang poster. This reflects me as a person because like everyone, I have both positives and negatives about me. I mainly got this because it reminded me of the show, “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” where there was a scene that portrayed this very poster.
My crystals and salt lamp waiting to be charged by the sun to provide radiating energy to my room. Some crystals that are presented are agate, celestite, citrone and amethyst. Agate helps with feeling secured and rebalanced. Celestite is used to be in alignment with your higher self (best verison of yourself). Citrone is my birth stone for November so it’s definitely powerful for self-express which corresponds to me because I’m very expressive. Lastly, amethyst is a stress-reliever and cleanser of negative energy.

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