From experimentation to a self-made business

By Ruth KehindeDigital Editor 

Sydney Pestaturo poses with self-made denim jeans.
Photo courtesy of  Sydney Pestaturo

From Windham, N.H. a first-year majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Management and minoring in Entrepreneurship, Sydney Pesaturo started sewing her first pieces when she was just 8 years old.

Once interested in photography and interior design, Pesaturo’s diversion to fashion blossomed from her creativity. With the help of her sewing machine, her self-owned business “By Sydpes” was born in March 2020.

Working mostly with denim, Pesaturo develops and pieces together designs to upcycle thrifted clothing into wearable garments and accessories. Her inspirations evolved from other designers and trends seen on social media. 

Pesaturo always lets her personality dress her. “It’s the experimenting that allows you to see what types of trends and statement pieces are possible,” she says. 

She chose merchandising as her major due to her occupation in retail and the yearning to learn more about the marketing side of the fashion industry. In the journey of starting her own business at 18 years old, the fashion industry’s competitive nature motivates Pestaturo to want to work harder everyday. 

Chosen for the first student-spotlight last semester in Studio 1851, Pesaturo was able to put her clothes in-store and online for purchase. Pestaturo additionally works with POLISHED Magazine as one of the stylists. 

She finds support in her fashion professors’ advice and the words of encouragement that Lasers have given her.

Raised on thrift shopping at Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Savers, Pesaturo became more conscious of clothing pollution that came from fast fashion. By Sydpes helps save many pieces of clothing from causing further landfill and water contamination. By Sydpes’ mission is to provide consumers with upcycled and sustainable clothing. 

Her drive to become her own boss and grow her brand comes easy for her, as Pesaturo views fashion as an artform. While witnessing the constant improvement in herself, “keeping a positive mindset and not getting discouraged easily … makes you stronger mentally,” she says.

“Syd is one of the most hard working and driven people I know. I really admire her and how she never fails to be herself. She is bettering the world with her sustainable designs,” close friend, senior Emma Ingenohl said.

Preferring to work solo, Pesaturo finds her strengths in communication, customer service, leadership, efficiency and creativity. She believes the defining factor of being a successful fashion designer is knowing how to work under pressure. 

Besides working on the upbringing of her brand, Pesaturo is a student library worker. Although Brennan Library experienced changes in overall library services due to COVID-19, “Sydney has been such a great addition to our team this year … she’s always eager to take on an extra task or learn something new. She has such a confident [and] relaxed attitude while doing it,” said Library Director Anna Sarneso. 

After graduation, Pesaturo hopes to travel the world to assist in cleaning up the earth and spreading awareness on other sustainable and affordable brands for consumers to shop from. “This passion of mine will bring me happiness for the rest of my life. I love that I have the ability to make my own clothes and wear them.”

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