Coaches Corner: Ben Feintuck

By Pat Carbone – 1851 Contributor

Ben Feintuck smiles for the camera before the men’s lacrosse team’s final game of the regular season.
Photo by Mike Maruk

Hailing from Framingham, Ben Feintuck has quickly impacted the men’s lacrosse team as their new assistant coach. Graduating from the University of New England (UNE) in 2020 with a degree in athletic training, Feintuck proved himself to be a hardworking student-athlete and now plans to do the same as a coach here at Lasell. 

He began playing lacrosse in the 3rd grade. Shortly after, he would drop the sport to pursue other athletic interests before rediscovering his love for the sports during his sophomore year at Framingham High School. His hard work and determination would eventually have him recruited by UNE. Playing long-stick midfield for the Nor’Easters, Feintuck made the Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC) Academic All-Conference Team. 

Like many other college students, Feintuck’s senior year at UNE was cut short due to COVID-19. After graduation, he struggled to find job opportunities at first, so he decided to email the Lasell men’s lacrosse head coach Bill Mason about a volunteer coaching position. After negotiations, Feintuck would be hired as the new defensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator for the team. 

When asked about Feintuck, Coach Mason stated, “Ben has been the best addition I’ve had in my six years here as a head coach. From day one, he just wanted as much as possible from every aspect, from recruiting to the coaching side of it,” he said. “He’s been such a great inject of life to our program.”

Feintuck stands out because of his work ethic and dedication to his new team. “I’d wake up at 8 a.m., recruit the entire morning, probably a little too hard,” he said about the off-season. “Then once our season came, I was basically itching, trying to get back on the field with the guys,” said Fentuick. 

He’s constantly working hard and always wants to “leave it all on the field,” he said. “You do it to the highest extent, not only for yourself but for your team and for the legacy of the team,” said Feintuck. A lesson he hopes to pass down to the players on the team is to play as he did: with no regrets.

Losing the end of his college lacrosse career was very difficult for Feintuck. However, that loss has brought him a new beginning. In his first season with the Lasell team, he has brought value and youth. He has proven to his players and fellow coaches that he is an incredibly hard worker. His experience in the game, his work ethic, and the lessons he has learned throughout his career have gotten him where he is today. 

Feintuck wants to win and knows what it takes. With the Laser’s with an undefeated record in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference this season, he is prepared to help them take home a championship trophy by mid-May.

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