Emma’s Style Corner: Menswear edition

By Emma Ingenohl – 1851 Contributor

Graphic by Emma Ingenohl

This menswear feature is long overdue. It is important to me that this style corner caters to all genders and fashions. So for anyone who dresses in menswear- this one’s for you. 

Menswear has been evolving more and more over the years to expand beyond previous limits. Though not everyone is ready to go full Young Thug, Kurt Cobain, or Harry Styles and wear a dress, experimental styles are being embraced by many. Recent spring 2021 menswear runways such as Prada, Craig Green, and Gucci showcased stunning collections that were both reminiscent of the past, and totally new. This spring/summer season has and will continue to see great menswear street styles, and there are a few leading trends worth noting.

One of the more recent controversial topics in menswear is short length. For the past few decades, long shorts have been widely accepted by men and others wearing menswear. Recently however, the length of shorts has begun to shrink more, and some people are on board, while others are not. Above-the-knee shorts and swim trunks are becoming the preferred length of shorts in menswear, many featuring fun prints and colors. 

Prints and colors are a recurring trend in menswear this spring and summer. Whether it’s a striped button-down or bucket hat, there are many ways to play around with patterns and colors. Graphic tees also are a staple piece being reinforced this spring and summer that can add some color and a print to your look. Paired with canvas shorts or jeans and sneakers, graphic tees are quick and easy ways to elevate any outfit while making it casual and interesting.

Utility style clothing is especially prominent in menswear for this spring/summer 2021 season. Cargo shorts or pants, trenches, and pocketed shirts are of the many items that are being paired together to create factory worker-esque outfits. If you are looking for a high fashion style this summer, utility is definitely something you should try. Vest with pockets can be easily paired with a white t-shirt, some khaki or jean shorts, and Birkenstocks to create an effortless, yet put together outfit that you can wear many different ways. 

Matching sets have been popular for the past year or so, and menswear is no exception to this trend. A short-sleeve button down and matching shorts is a go to look for menswear this summer. A few of these sets in your closet will help to create a diverse and interesting palette for your summer wardrobe. Mix and match colors and prints, pair with some sunglasses and chains, and head down to the beach. Wear the button-down open with a t-shirt or a tank top underneath. Do not underestimate the power of a matching set!

If you’re looking for some inspiration for some of these styles, @drumaq, @wisdm, and @loveleo on instagram are all major faces in menswear fashion at the moment. 

With fashion and style ever-changing and evolving, there are so many ways for people to express themselves. Menswear will continue to push boundaries and we can hope to someday see the line between menswear and women’s fashion fade until there is no more distinction between the two.

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