First-year Ally Kirck dominating the diamond

By Josh Wolmer and Zach Kraft – 1851 Contributors

Ally Kirck at the plate in the first inning during a recent game against Fisher College.
Photo by Mike Maruk

First-year athletes are an asset that can make or break a collegiate athletic team’s chances of winning. They are not only being groomed for the future of the university’s athletic program but potentially a professional career for themselves.

Ally Kirck, an outfielder/infielder for the Lasers, feels like there’s no better place to be for her than at Lasell. “Around sophomore or junior year [of high school], I found Lasell and instantly fell in love,” said Kirck.

She began playing the sport at seven years old and the game became her passion when she was in middle school. Once she entered high school she began to thrive on the diamond.

Despite losing her senior year at Sacred Heart Academy, she worked to stay game-ready. “I tried staying in shape and I would do stuff in my yard to keep my arm loose. I would go to cages and field fly balls, whatever I could do,” Kirck said.

When a player loses their senior year, it may be hard to find a favorite moment amidst the chaos, but Kirck remembers a special one from the team’s senior night during her first season in high school.  “When we were playing Amity during senior night, we fought back as a team after an early deficit to win,” she said. “I always think back to that and remember if we could come back then, we can come back in any game.”

A couple of years later, Kirck made her decision to go to Lasell.  “I just knew that this school would be the best for me academic-wise and athletics-wise. While being here, we’ve had team Zooms all of the time, and having lost a season brought us all together closer,” she said. 

When asked about how she feels regarding being a part of the Lasers’ softball team that won their first eight games of the season, Kirck said, “Knowing that I’m a part of that is very special to me and the history of the team. I want to keep getting better and have our team and myself do the best we can.”

During week two of the season, Kirck was connecting with seemingly every pitch. She went 8-13, good for a .615 batting average, scored five runs, and drove in three as well leading the Lasers to two doubleheader sweeps over Wentworth and Lasell’s GNAC rival, the Amcats of Anna Maria.

Kirk has not taken her role for granted and instead has exceeded expectations.  After 17 games, Kick is batting .375, third-best on the team for players who have appeared in as many games. She has also been moved from the bottom of the batting order to the top. The job of the leadoff hitter is to get on base to start the game for your team. Kirck has an on-base percentage of .500, the highest on the team.  

The softball team, led by their leadoff hitter Kirck, will continue striving to remain on top of their games. They will now look to make a good run in the GNAC playoffs.

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