The little things are the big things

By Ruth KehindeDigital Editor 

Lasell graduate Ally Wheeler and Ruth Kehinde share giggles while on a hike.
Photo by Ruth Kehinde

Sometimes when we’re going about our lives, not every day is as perfect as we want it to be. However, regardless of what the day may bring, finding the joy in the little things can go a long way. Little moments have shaped the way my life is today and my perspective along with it. My list is ever-growing, but here are the ones that count. 

1. Being born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, city life was normal to me. But in the jist of it all, everything there seemed so busy. Coming to Lasell University was my chance to finally see things slow down, but I couldn’t deny the underlying truth of missing what I was used to. Being here for the last four years had me realize my appreciation for the things I had taken for granted. In New York, everything is within walking distance. In Newton, you can’t really go anywhere without a car. Even the sounds that I was used to– cars beeping and trains on the train track–all was white noise that was replaced by cricket sounds and silence. 

2. My friends’ contagious laughter. The inside jokes we formed over the years brighten my day. Seeing their smile stretch from ear to ear emphasizes my appreciation of them. 

Ruth Kehinde and her best friend, Rami, experience uncontrollable laughter in the blurriness of the lens.
Photo by Ruth Kehinde

3. Giving a song a chance. There’s always that song we skip because the beginning of it doesn’t really flow the way you want it to. Allowing yourself to hear the song in its entirety makes you question why you haven’t listened to it before. Hearing the beat drop and delivering a jamming tune has my ears dancing, and me setting it on replay. 

4. Altruism. There may be someone walking down the sidewalk and I may like how they’re dressed and I pay them a compliment. Or seeing a homeless person and giving them money because I just got paid and there’s a bit extra to share with others. Seeing them smile on my account is the greatest treat of all because you never know how that may have impacted them. That little gesture could’ve gone a long way to having that moment be part of their little things. 

Although there are some days where we have bad moments, there’s still some form of good in the midst of it all. The little things count towards the bigger things that revolve around your life. It’s more than just a little thing: it’s an energy that shifts and changes your entire day and outlook.

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