What I wished I knew

By Holly FeolaOpinion Editor

 Holly Feola stands in front of her freshman dorm building, Van Winkle, on move-in day.
Photo by Holly Feola

The time between when a high school senior graduates to when they start college is full of uncertainty. They are likely leaving their hometown or a group of friends they have had for many years. In my case, I graduated from a high school that was in the same school district I was part of since first grade. I knew almost everyone in my grade and the grades above and below me. The concept of enrolling into a new college with people I didn’t know seemed daunting to me. So here are some things I wish I could have told myself: 

  1. It takes time to find your college friends.

During my first year, I struggled with my roommate and making friends. Sometimes it takes being in the right time and place to meet people that truly understand you. I didn’t meet my good friends at Lasell until the end of my first year. 

2. Getting involved on campus would make me feel like I belonged sooner. 

The corny saying “get involved” echoed in my head for a while without really resonating. By getting involved with clubs it helped introduce me to some of the closest friends I have from college. When I became an RA it introduced me to a supportive community filled with great people. Finding a group to involve yourself with can help you feel more connected to others and have a more fulfilling college experience. 

3. I wish I learned how to be more independent before leaving for college. 

Before coming to college I thought of myself as a fairly independent person until I found myself asking others for help or how to do things. I didn’t realize how much I asked of my parents or how much they did for me. Learning how to better handle expenses is an important skill for college life. 

Holly Feola in her room in West Hall on RA move-in day for her junior year.
Photo by Holly Feola

4. I wish I knew to go out to more places and explore. 

Before COVID-19, I wish I went out to different restaurants and places with my friends so I could have some fun memories with them. For months, some places were closed or it just was not possible to go out anymore. There are so many cool places around Lasell in Waltham and in Boston that I still want to check out. For my senior year I’m going to try to make it a goal to go to as many places as I can. 

5. I wish I knew to value my time more in the present. 

Out of all of the wishes on this list the last is the most important. This resonated with me during the pandemic. Instead of dreaming of the future or reminiscing about the past, it is important to engage in the now and seize the opportunities in front of you.

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