What’s streaming this spring?

By Rachel Shepard – Copy Editor

Graphic by Rachel Shepard

Streaming services have begun their spring cleaning and we now have access to new content. The only problem with all these new options is where to start. Here’s a guide for what to watch depending on what you’re interested in. 

  1. “Moonrise Kingdom,” Amazon Prime Video – whimsical and light-hearted

Available since April 1 on Prime Video, is a Wes Anderson film about two 12 year olds who fall in love and run away together. Their island community searches for them while a storm is brewing offshore and headed towards them. Full of bright colors, beautiful cinematography and wacky adults, this movie will make you nostalgic for your childhood.

  1. “The Nanny,” HBO Max – campy and nostalgic

Also available April 1, is all six seasons of the 1993 sitcom “The Nanny.” The show follows Fran, who has been recently dumped and fired by her ex-boyfriend. While trying to make ends meet, she accidentally gets hired as the nanny of a famous broadway producer. Chaos ensues.

  1. “The Way of the Househusband,” Netflix – comedic and feel good 

As of April 8, the first season of Netflix’s adaptation of the manga “The Way of the Househusband” is available. Five episodes depict Tatsu, a former yakuza boss, who is now a stay-at-home husband. He learns how to take care of the house while his wife focuses on her career. The episodes are fast and quick-witted. You won’t even realize you’ve finished the entire season in one day.

  1. “Sasquatch,” Hulu –  true crime and mysterious

In honor of the cult classic holiday April 20, Hulu is releasing “Sasquatch.” The series follows David Holthouse, a journalist who investigates a triple homicide on a cannabis farm in 1993. The main suspect, Sasquatch. Was it really him? Or was it because of the victims’ ties to cannabis? Holthouse plans to find out.

  1. “Mortal Kombat,” HBO Max – action and violence

On April 23, fans of this video game series will be able to stream the new movie adaptation and see it in theaters. Characters from the video game will appear as champions, those who have a dragon mark on their skin. Champions are invited to compete in Mortal Kombat to the death in order to rule the Earthrealm. Viewers should be aware this film shows an excess of graphic violence, and should be avoided if you have a weak stomach.

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