Who says study music must be boring?

By Audrey Abbate1851 Contributor

A playlist, a background and headphones could be all you need to finish your work.
Photo by Audrey Abbate

Here’s 10 songs that can be found on Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud to help you get through the rest of the spring semester. Whether it be for studying or simply winding down at the end of the day, these songs are just the right amount of calm.

  1. “Strobe” – deadmau5 : Apple Music & Spotify
    1. You cannot go wrong choosing any deadmau5 songs, even if they are old. But his heavy bass beats create an otherworldly ambiance that will put you in the zone. There is a slow build-up in the beginning that’s amazing.
  2. “American Lover” – Bribaebee, Meaku, Jay Newton : Soundcloud
    1. This song is catchy, and it was a hidden gem. I found it while searching through a music channel on YouTube (Taz Network). I highly recommend checking out their channel if you are looking for more music to study to.
  3. “Déjà vu” – Katy Perry : Apple Music & Spotify
    1. You might not think that a Katy Perry song is suitable for studying, but this one has minimal lyrics. This track has beachy vibes and is catchy.
  4. “Pressure” – Martin Garrix ft. Tove Lo : Apple Music & Spotify
    1. Tove Lo is known for her artful performances on house tracks, making a Garrix collaboration the perfect match. It is the ideal house track to play while you’re working on something more hands-on, like a project.
  5. “Sunset Lover” – Petit Biscuit : Apple Music & Spotify
    1. The young DJ Petit Biscuit has come up through TikTok with a few sleeper hits from 2017. You may know his other song “Night Trouble,” but “Sunset Lover” is much more upbeat.
  6. “Call me” – 90’sFlav : Apple Music
    1. This is a relaxing Lo-Fi tune that was made by a Soundcloud artist. This song is different because it has some old school or 50’s sounding voices in the background.
  7. “Comethru” – Jeremy Zucker : Apple Music & Spotify
    1. The laidback elements in this song will help you focus. It has some relatable lyrics like: “Now I’m shaking, drinking all this coffee, these last few weeks have been exhausting.” It’s about being tired but always having friends to hang out with.
  8. “Reforget” – Lauv : Apple Music & Spotify
    1. It is a bittersweet track that you can listen to when you’re working on a long paper till the early morning hours. Lauv’s voice is perfect for emotional but low-key songs.
  9. “Get You the Moon” – Kina : Apple Music & Spotify
    1. Italian music producer Kina has finally been getting some recognition in the past year with his moody anthems. If you can handle studying and listening to sad songs that still sound nice, this one is for you.
  10. “Humoresque” – Dvorak : YouTube
    1. For classical fans, this song is great for schoolwork. It’s a peaceful and expressive piece that you can listen to all day.

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