Coming to Lasell

By Jahiris Velez-Polo1851 Contributor

Jahiris Velez Polo standing in front of her father’s car before attending Lasell. Photo courtesy of Jahiris Velez-Polo

I’ve never felt so overwhelmed before in my whole life until I came to Lasell. I know I’ve only been here for two weeks, but I have done so much homework that I literally don’t have time for myself and even short amount of time to sleep. I’ve done essay after essay since I came here, and I know I must work hard to succeed but it’s funny how I used to complain about homework in High School and now in college, the amount of homework is double. But on the other hand I feel so lucky I am here, and I am being able to study and prepare for my future to make myself and my parents proud of me.

Coming to Lasell has taught me so far that if you really focus and pay attention to every little detail you are able to accomplish much more than when you only see the outside of something whether it is a homework or just interacting with people. So, coming to lasell hasn’t been that bad at all except for exceed amount of homework, because I’ve got meet new people every day and make connections.

To be honest, even though I get to be surrounded by many people I really miss my parents and my sister because I’ve never been far from them. However, this is a problem I can solve every weekend by going to visit them if I don’t have too many assignments. Nonetheless, coming to Lasell has also been teaching me how to become more responsible and independent since now everything I do is on me so I must take advantage of that and prepare myself for the future.

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