Men’s Soccer falls to St. Joseph’s 6-2

By LJ VP LaFiura1851 Contributor

Owen Sullivan crosses a ball towards goal. Photo by LJ VP LaFiura

The men’s soccer team hosted the final game of their home stretch on Wednesday hosting the University of St Joseph. The Lasers got outshot 28-8 en route to a 6-2 defeat. 

“We’re giving these kids all the tools to be successful, we practice really hard, and they seem to understand what we’re trying to do, but on game day, they forget about everything we do or decide that their thought process was better than the coaches,” said Coach Michael Haynes. 

Starting keeper for the men’s soccer team, senior Zack Laware was under fire frequently in the early moments of this game. Laware posted his first two saves of the evening in the first six minutes of play before a rocket sent off the boot of St Joseph’s Juan Torres found the back of the net. The following two scores for the away side came off of a penalty kick by senior DeAnte Anderson and a rebound from another Laware save which was buried by Joel Agbetossou. 

Zack Laware prepares to save a free kick shot. Photo by LJ VP LaFiura

“The two guys in front of the back four, they’re supposed to protect the back four and their drops were inferior,” said Haynes. “They need to drop deeper into the zone because when the back four need to play a through ball on the line, they have to run across and the underneath guy has to make a diagonal to take his spot and that wasn’t happening.”  

Laware did find himself in trouble more throughout the first half including the next goal, a lofty free kick by Juan Torres. Laware finished his time in the game, having allowed six out of 11 shots on goal. After recording 12 saves in his first four games played, Laware had five saves against St Joseph. On the other side, Torres and Agbetossou both finished with braces. 

Michael Torres kicks off for St Joseph. Photo by LJ VP LaFiura

“Every goal that is scored does not necessarily fall on the goalkeeper. There were a lot of mistakes made in the midfield,” said Haynes. “That’s what I just told the players there. Don’t look at the goalkeepers because the goalkeepers did their job, they failed to do theirs.” 

The Lasers scored twice in the first half, both on the same throw in play thrown by Chris Belliveau. The first throw went to the near post where Jayden Perez popped a header into the air just over the keeper. The second went to the far post where Alex Melo punched it in with a header. 

“That’s something we work on a lot because having a player that can throw it so long is a weapon, so we line those guys up to run the back post on that throw-in,” said Haynes. 

Haynes cited Perez as well as Johnny Price and Alex Melo as impactful players for the home side. 

“Those kids are constantly working, working, working,” said Haynes. “I was really pleased with their play.” 

The men’s soccer team starts their five-game road trip against Fisher College on Saturday. They will play the match at Hellenic College at noon.

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