New Beginnings

By Lillian Pelland – 1851 Contributor

Pelland posing in front of the Lasell sign after making the decision to attend Lasell. Photo courtesy of Lillian Pelland

As I entered Hamel House to begin my college tour, a feeling of relief washed over me. I was immediately welcomed by each of the admissions counselors. Unlike all my prior college tours, I felt like the people at Lasell were actually eager to get to know me and assist me in any way possible. I knew before I got to see the rest of the campus that Lasell was the place for me.

This familiar welcoming feeling filled me as I pulled into campus on move in day. One of the first things I remember is being greeted by the President of Lasell. After introducing myself, I already felt more comfortable arriving on campus. Next thing I knew I was parked outside of my residence hall ready to move in. The second I stepped out of the car, the girl’s soccer team was there to help me carry my boxes. This repeated sense of community that was demonstrated to me before I was even a student is one of the defining qualities of Lasell that sets it apart from any other.

From going on a boat cruise, to venturing around Boston, there were so many different exciting opportunities during orientation to get to know people on campus. It was so much fun to get to meet new people, and overall made the transition to college life less overwhelming. Getting used to a whole new lifestyle is scary, but Lasell makes it so easy to feel at home.

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