Sasha Stepping Out 

By Sasha Davis – 1851 Contributor

Above, Sasha rides the train to Boston for the first time since being on campus. Photo courtesy of Sasha Davis

Coming from a small suburban town in Connecticut, I found comfort in the fact that Newton, Massachusetts had a similar setting. The moment my mom and I drove onto campus I kept my eyes locked out the window to admire the beautiful family friendly neighborhood that surrounded Lasell.

After checking in to retrieve my house key and student id, there was a nervous yet excited feeling that stuck with me. I was excited to meet new people, to decorate my dorm, and to learn how to live on my own. Yet, I was nervous to find my way around campus. My first impression when walking around Lasell was “everyone here is so nice.” Each student and faculty member that I had met during move in day made me feel incredibly welcomed.

I was surprised about the amount of events the school had set up for us including the boat cruise, Newbury Street, and a trip to Boston Gardens. The friends that I spend time with now are the same people that I had met during welcome week and I couldn’t be more grateful for those opportunities. One of my first impressions of Lasell also consisted of everything being so close to campus. I was glad to know that Star Market is only a 12 minute walk down the road incase I need groceries or Toms Pizza incase I want to grab something to eat.

Although it has only been a few weeks since I moved in, it feels like I have been here for months because of the close-knit community. I am incredibly excited to see how this semester takes off and to create more relationships at Lasell.

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