My First Impressions of Lasell

By Ryan Stone1851 Contributor

A photo taken of Ryan Stone and his younger brother Sean during Stone’s senior pictures. Photo courtesy of Ryan Stone

My first impressions of Lasell were very positive. I came to campus September 5, and from the second I got here, I saw a smile on almost every student, and even the staff, although they were only smiling with their eyes due to their masks. I stood in line, waiting to check in, just knowing this upcoming semester was going to be great.

My first positive experience came on move-in day. The field hockey team had been walking around all morning helping students move their things from their cars to their room, and now that I was ready to go up to my own room, it was my turn to be helped. The girls on the field hockey team came over, and in the blink of an eye, a full carload of college gear was swiftly emptied. The girls were very nice and were a huge help. From that moment, I acquired some sort of idea as to what my peers were like at Lasell, which was kind.

Ever since that first day, I have been having a great experience here at Lasell. My friends and classes have made my first month enjoyable, whether it be my friends and I going to the dining hall and enjoying a meal together, or sitting down and learning about the structure of macromolecules, I have been having a great time. Also, meeting my teammates on the lacrosse team has been great, as they all have been great role models for me as an incoming freshman. I look forward to this year at Lasell and all the experiences I will gain each week.

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