Women’s soccer suffers first conference loss

By LJ VP LaFiura – 1851 Contributor

The women’s soccer team celebrates after a first-half goal by Serena Speight. Photo by LJ VP LaFiura

The women’s soccer team had a tough challenge at Taylor Field Wednesday evening against Albertus Magnus. A late score led to a 3-2 Laser loss. 

 “I think we dominated the game, but we didn’t put them away early enough. We had a lot of opportunities, we hit a lot of crossbars. We just didn’t do a good job finishing, and we kept them in the game,” said Coach Vito La Francesca. 

The women’s soccer team was threatening in the early-onset of the match. They posted the first eight shots of the game, putting two on goal, both saved by Albertus Magnus’ Michelle Mecca. When Albertus Magnus got possession in the final third, they got Keegan Riccio to feed a corner kick to Haley Andrews for their first shot and first goal.  

 “We just didn’t put a body on her. We let her have the space and she put a header to the back post,” said La Francesca. “We should have done a better job.” 

The equalizer did not come until the 36th minute where senior forward Serena Speight got the ball inside the penalty box. Speight got the Lasers their first goal on a 10-yard shot. The women’s soccer team kept the pressure on until half by sliding balls through the defense and crossing from the corners. When the horn for halftime sounded, the Lasers outshot Albertus Magnus 16-3 and 6-1 with shots on goal. 

 “That’s our game plan. We try to move the ball around on the ground and fatigue the other team,” said La Francesca. “We did a good job finding opportunities, just not a good job finishing.” 

 Control of the game remained even throughout the second half; neither side wanted to give up the go-ahead goal. The first goal came from Albertus Magnus. Set up for a corner kick, Riccio whipped a ball to the head of Bridget Rosikiewicz, who put it in. The Lasers brought the game even minutes later when Alex Lorenzo put a ball behind the defense to Alyssa DeOliviera, whose long shot found the back of the net. 

The score remained tied until one last effort by Albertus Magnus got them a free kick just outside of the penalty box. Riccio scores off this set piece to break the tie. She finished the game with one goal and two assists. 

 “I thought their defense was beatable,” said La Francesca. “We let them win this game. They did not win this game.” 

The women’s soccer team will play their next game on Saturday against Elms College at Taylor Field. Play will begin at 3 p.m.

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