A Five Year Journey

By Casey DiBari1851 Contributor

Early into my time at Lasell, my mother had me pose in front of the Lasell Village sign right by Arnow Campus Center, holding up a Laser Nation t-shirt we had just bought. It was meant to show everyone not just where I was, but who I was: a Laser, a Lasell girl now. 

Back in May, my mom snapped another picture as I made my way to Taylor Field for my long awaited graduation ceremony, letting everyone know just how far I had come. The time between these two pictures was a ride I was glad to be on every step of the way.

I came to Lasell in the fall of 2015, a few days after move-in day because I was across the country at a wedding. I was more excited than I think I had ever been to start a school year. I was coming in as a journalism student, but admittedly, I spent more time during my first year contributing my energy to the school’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) than I did the newspaper. 

There’s a lot about my time as part of CAB I appreciate when I reflect on it: I got to meet some amazing people through it, both on campus and the people we got to come in for concerts or comedy performances. I spent a good two years or so completely dedicated to the group, but by my junior year, my time shifted solely to The 1851 Chronicle.

By the winter of 2018, I found myself enjoying writing opinion pieces for the paper, and in the fall of that year, they gave me the opportunity to talk about the issues with campus Starbucks at the time. A lot of that article was me venting my frustrations, but it was an article most of the staff told me they were excited to read, and from what I heard, when it came out it actually influenced the school to fix the issues. 

It was after that I approached the newspaper editors about my desire to become the opinion editor. And in November, when it was officially announced I got the position, it finally felt like I figured out what my time at Lasell was really leading up to. It is still to this day what I consider my biggest accomplishment at Lasell.

Since graduation last year, I chose to continue my time as a Laser by enrolling in the graduate program, focusing on digital media. This decision has found me back on campus, reconnecting with the community I spent the last year missing so much. Being back has brought me a feeling of being home again, where I belong. Looking at these two photos from the start and end of my undergrad journey here, I think the sentiment is clear: I am a Laser, and I always will be.

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