Advice for the community

By Karissa Gaughan – 1851 Contributor

Changes are hard to navigate; the past two years have bred feelings of uncertainty and unease. Here’s some advice from the community to help students, staff and faculty thrive nonetheless:

Michael Alexander, President of Lasell University:

“Get involved in an activity or organization on campus that you are passionate about. It can be a club, a team, a job. It will help you become a fully connected member of the community and will help you with your coursework. Get to know people who are different from yourself, and learn about what goes on inside their heads. It will expand your horizons and add to your learning.”

Dalton Conran, senior, entertainment media communications major:

“Participate in as many on-campus events as possible because you never know when something like this can happen again.”

Amanda Miller (‘21), psychology major, Assistant Track and Field Coach:

“Be gentle with yourself. Especially after nearly two years of being isolated by a pandemic, it’s hard to expect things, and us, to go back to the normal we remember. I think we all have to continue to recognize that this was a collective trauma and it is still impacting folks in different ways. So, whether you’re a first year student, a student who wasn’t on campus last year, or a faculty member, I think it’s important to carry that humanity as we navigate Lasell in this transition.”

Sodna Jules, junior, 19 years old, global studies major:

“Keep on track with your assignments, make sure you ask for help in advance, go to the AAC if you need help with homework, get as much done as you can because you never know what tomorrow will be like. Reach out to your professor if you don’t understand something. Socialize with your peers. Learn as much as you can, and manage your time.”

Kaitlyn Hennessy, senior, 21 years old, hospitality management major and marketing and event management minor:

“My sophomore year I lived off campus and I remember it being so hard to make friends. But then one night I went to a basketball game and was standing next to a group of girls and I just said hi and started talking to them–they invited me to 1851 after and we hung out all night. Two years later here I am living with them in a suite! This is the perfect time to meet new people because everyone is looking for them, too!”

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