Boomer’s back: Return of the torchbearer

By LJ VP LaFiura1851 Contributor

Boomer excitedly waits for the women’s volleyball game to begin. Photo by LJ VP LaFiura

It was different during the pandemic-altered 2020-21 school year. While groups across campus had to change how they worked, so did the athletics department, which could not have fans in attendance last year, and with that, the disappearance of Boomer. But now that the fans are back, it’s Boomer’s time to shine.

“It feels great to be back,” said Boomer. “I took a break for COVID-19, right. I couldn’t really interact with people throughout the pandemic. That was a bummer.”

Since 2009, our torch-bearing friend Boomer has been shining light all over campus, particularly at our athletic events. After such a trying school year, Boomer has their work cut out for them.

“I’m really trying to make my rounds,” said Boomer. “I’ve been to a couple of soccer games, I went to the opening volleyball game, and that was a great time. A lot of the community, the Lasell community, was really there for that.”

For Boomer, these events aren’t just about riling up the crowd. Instead, these events are about representing the best parts of the Lasell community and everything this school stands for.

“I’m wanting to not only show off Lasell, but show off what being a Laser is and why it’s important,” said Boomer.

The friendly face of Boomer is a welcome sight in any setting and sets the tone for campus events. Director of Athletics Kristy Walter says that having Boomer back at games with the fans is exciting and helps to lift the athletics atmosphere. “I think that this has boosted morale and support for the student-athletes,” she said.

Boomer’s focus isn’t just on the Lasers, but the “little Lasers.” Children see how important values of empathy, respect, and kindness, that Lasell stands for are Boomer explained. “Mascots are about the kids,” said Boomer. “Yeah, I’ll high-five a few students and whatnot, but it’s really for the kids.”

As the school moves out of the pandemic, Boomer hopes the audience for these games will continue to grow and be filled with even more spirit. Boomer’s presence is pulsing through the campus and the stands. Students across campus are taking notice.

“I feel like the collegiate support for our home games needs to be there so the players feel appreciated and the fans feel like they can join in. I think it’s great to have Boomer back,” said sophomore Larry Abbiati.

With all of this campus support, the athletes are beginning to notice. “I think both Boomer and the fans being back is a great boost for home matches, but also for the general atmosphere of the campus,” said junior men’s soccer player Michael Palumbo. “Our school has the advantage of being a nice homey size, and it’s great to have people supporting you during games.”

Make sure to give Boomer a fist bump when you see them at upcoming home games and get a picture with the longtime mascot.

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