Editor’s Corner: My Journalistic Journey

By Kaie QuigleyCo-Editor-In-Chief/Digital Sports Editor

My interest, identity, and background is writing. Drafting, editing, thinking about each word to fill a blank page. Writing is in my past, my present, and hopefully my future.

My career started at 16 in my junior year of high school. My school did not offer courses in journalism, nor did we have a school publication to use as my outlet for writing. Therefore, I had to take matters into my own hands.

With the help of a teacher, I reached out to the sports editor of “The Brattleboro Reformer,” the local newspaper for the region I lived in. I was offered an opportunity to cover some local soccer games at my school. Of course I accepted, and thus began my career as a journalist.

Hooked from the start:
As soon as I wrote that first hook, I was hooked. It felt like it was meant to be, it felt right. I was finally able to do something I loved, and I was getting paid for it. How could I go wrong? The answer is, I couldn’t. I didn’t hesitate to jump on more opportunities as soon as they came up.

Throughout the rest of high school, I covered my school’s varsity soccer and varsity basketball games. In my mind, I had found my calling early. While most of my peers had no clue what to pursue, I had already found what I wanted to do in life—write.

When I came to Lasell in 2019, I was excited about a lot of things. Being away from home, meeting new people, seeing the city. However, nothing excited me more than the newfound opportunities I had.

Writing for “The 1851 Chronicle” was one of these opportunities. I knew I wanted to write for the paper before I even stepped foot on campus, so when it came time to sign up at the activities fair, I was all in.

Moving up:
I began as a staff writer, staying in my comfort zone by writing sports stories. However, I was pushed to take stories for other sections, and diversify my skills. In doing so it made me a better, more rounded journalist, and it increased my confidence as a writer.

My sophomore year, I wanted to take on a bigger role for the paper. I stepped up to the role of Features Editor, making me responsible for an entire section, and for once, more people than just myself. It was a valuable learning experience for me. I learned how to be a better leader, a more creative thinker, and my skills as a journalist flourished.

Now, in my third year with the Chronicle, I have taken on an even bigger role; Co-Editor-in-Chief. Meaning more work, more time, and more people to manage. But most importantly, more experience and more opportunities to grow and learn.

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