In memory of Alysha Rentas

By Abi Brown & Matt JacobsonArts Editor & 1851 Contributor

Pictured: Alysha Rentas, who was a rising senior who passed away in a car accident on August 3. Photo courtesy of Kenny Rentas

After a mournful announcement on August 3, the Lasell Community found out their friend, teammate, and rising senior Alysha Rentas had passed away in a car accident in her hometown of Athol, Massachusetts at 24 years old. She is survived by her two brothers, Kenny and Julian Rentas, mother Norali Barker, and grandmother known as Mami.

Alysha was born on March 7, 1997 in Lowell, Mass. to mother Norali Barker. Alysha grew up in Athol where she attended Ralph C. Mahar Regional High School in Orange, Massachusetts. She graduated in the class of 2015, with her intentions set on working and then going to continue her education at college. She started off going to school at Mount Ida College, then transfered to Lasell University in 2018 after the buying out and closing of Mount Ida.

At Lasell, Alysha was a rising senior majoring in Applied Forensic Science, as she always liked to help others and was known to have a very big and kind heart. She also was on the Varsity Women’s Volleyball team where she put in lots of hard work and her efforts spoke for themselves. Alysha has been playing volleyball since her JV days in highschool.

Alysha Rentas will be greatly missed by the Lasell community, her family, friends, and anyone else whose lives she touched. Although her funeral was held on August 14, there will be a celebration of Alysha’s life held on October 7. Details such as date and time for the night of remembrance are still uncertain at this time.

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