Marathon Monday returning to campus

By Pat Carbone – 1851 Contributor

Arnow quad sits vacant, patiently awaiting student to flood in as the Boston Marathon makes
its way down Commonwealth Avenue on October 11.
Photo by Pat Carbone

To new students, Marathon Monday is described as the best campus event ever. Now, what exactly is Marathon Monday? Every third Monday in April, runners start a 26-mile journey from Hopkinton to Boylston St. in Boston. Campus falls along this route, close by waiting for runners to pass by as students, faculty, and staff cheer them on as they continue their journey towards the finish line.

Classes and activities are cancelled so the entire community can celebrate this annual tradition. However, roughly seventy-five percent of students have not yet celebrated this yearly tradition.

Due to COVID-19, the past two Boston Marathons have been canceled leaving runners without the largest event in their sport and Lasell without its yearly celebration. For 2021 it has been pushed
to October 11. Juniors, sophomores, and first-years are set to celebrate their first Marathon Monday.

“Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about it. It kinda feels like a myth as older classes talked about it my whole three years and I never got to experience it,” says junior Ajay Ramsay who will be celebrating his first Marathon Monday.

“So I kind of feel excited but that excitement isn’t really there anymore because of the fact that it’s been prolonged for three years,” says Ramsay talking about his mixed emotions about missing out on the celebration.

The current seniors have only experienced one Marathon Monday, they have yet to celebrate the event since 2019. “Everyone comes to North Quad to celebrate and it’s a great time all around,” says senior Sage Dussault.

“It’s disappointing we haven’t been able to celebrate but there were bigger problems going on in the world that are more important than a college quad,” said Dussault giving his take on the situation.

Now that the event is set to return to campus, students are already making their plans for the upcoming celebration. Sanuj Arora, a junior, is looking forward to “meet[ing] new people and be[ing] a part of this community as a Lasell resident” as he eagerly awaits October 11.

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